DeMar DeRozan Sets Mark For USC Players

DeMar DeRozan became the NBA’s leading scorer among USC players tonight, moving past Gus Williams.

DeRozan has 14,112 career points in 10 seasons and Williams had 14,093 in 11 seasons with Golden State, Seattle, Washington and Atlanta. Paul Westphal (12,809), Bill Sharman (12,653) and Cliff Robinson (10,823) complete the top five.

‘Really?” DeRozan said. “Hell yeah.”


6 thoughts on “DeMar DeRozan Sets Mark For USC Players

      1. Teddy, teddy, teddy, you are such a horse fece. How in the heck do you know that I don’t know them? You have not a clue dipfeces. And speaking of getting food, your ugly degree needs to be shown by you serving lunch at McDonalds.


      1. Prematurely sent my message.

        But he stepped up to show James Harden that weren’t letting him take any of that ball hog basketball he plays into the tournament as the big NBA prospect on a good young team.
        DeRozan went on to top any run Harden put up and finally find the competitive drive we only got a glimpse of that he had inside him and hit ASU in the stomach.

        No Harden 3-Point SMOKE he thought was in his pocket still until he went to far showing off and it birthed DeRozan as the next star from Los Angeles.

        GREAT GAME.


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