Keep A Trojan Great In Your Thoughts

USC radio announcer John Jackson Jr., a former star receiver for the Trojans, has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke, according to some of his former teammates.

He is universally liked at USC and also does great work on high school football coverage for Fox Sports West. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


13 thoughts on “Keep A Trojan Great In Your Thoughts

    1. What a dumb ass reply. Why don’t you not post when it doesn’t have to
      do with football on the field. What hole did you come out from is the
      real question.


      1. Just Owns,

        If you listen to JJ on the radio, his analysis of the game is spot on. Before or after the game will give will give his opinion but during the game, he is all objective.

        Prayers are sent for JJ.


      2. Everyone is- even the Sports Center guys. Nothing wrong with being one as long as you can be objective when not discussing your team. Happy New Year, J.O.!


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. I had a stroke Christmas morning
    2010. I know what your going through. Keep the faith and do everything the doctors suggest.

    Love ya brother.

    Rob Hertel
    QB 1977


  2. Prayers and thoughts are with John J. and his family for his full recovery. He is does a great job covering high school football and USC…He brings a human touch to his talents.
    and relates well to all generations especially high school athletes who he interacts so seamlessly with..
    Get Well, J.J.


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