If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Another week at USC with no permanent president, an incompetent athletic director and a clueless football coach.

What’s amazing is some people want to head toward 2019 thinking with that formula, a new offensive coordinator will solve the football program’s woes.

I spent a lot of time this week highlighting the cornerback issues next season. If USC coaches knew only three corners returned, why were they waiting so long to offer recruits? They sure waited a long time to offer two players committed to Colorado from Southern California. Both signed with the Buffaloes.

It’s recruiting malpractice. Just one other thing Lynn Swann overlooks as he performs his job poorly.

  • It’s funny how some USC recruiting pundits pump up a high school prospect on twitter and then don’t even tweet when they commit elsewhere.
  • When John McKay was athletic director and football coach from 1972-75, he pretty much allowed his assistant coaches Dave Levy and Marv Goux to handle many of his athletic director duties. McKay didn’t want to meet with a lot of people or coaches of other sports, so he either delegated or sometimes ignored them.

I might make a comparison here to Lynn Swann, but I’m not sure Swann even delegates properly. He has let football wallow and underachieve. He has let baseball wallow for several years and underacheieve.

And what has basketball done compared to expectations? USC didn’t even make the NCAA Tournament last year and is 3-19 against ranked teams. The answer to every complaint about Enfield is next year’s recruiting class. Will he underachieve with them too?

Based on his handling of the big three sports, how does Swann receive a passing grade?

  • Remember Swann’s pompous statement defending Clay Helton after the Notre Dame game? Here is a sentence from a Miami athletic director Blake James after the Hurricanes’ 35-3 loss to Wisconsin in the Pinstripe Bowl.

“Our football team’s performance tonight — and at other times this season — is simply unacceptable to all of us who love the U.”

Swann needs days to make a statement, not hours.

  • Former USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin appears headed to Louisville, according to multiple reports.

13 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. You win! You are the most negative man on earth. I know that you rely on extreme cynicism because you are a total failure as a sports writer. Stupidity can be as entertaining as heck though. Again, congratulations you are very funny.


    1. Hi Ho Kenneth, I don’t understand why you continue to post on the Wolfster’s Blog if you judge Wolf’s views too negative for your SUCCX LOVE? I bet you think Andyain’twinning is making Clown U Men’s BB great again.

      And BTW Kenneth, why don’t you post positive items to refute a Wolf negative opinions?

      I’m thinking Kenneth just loves to whine on.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How bout we mo better than uruins in bb!! Now and nekst year. Putz.

        Last thing a dumbass ought to be doin is touting his shit when he don’t have none. Hahaha. Who no better chocolate chip or allfornuttin??

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Look a here, the chief Wolf security is out doing his thing. So the rules are unless you like Wolf’s crap go somewhere else? Go on with your negative party.


  2. I suspect they should redo Swann’s title. In lieu of Athletic Director (AD) at SC, he should be called Athlectic Incompetant (AI) at SC. Unfortunately, he will never be receptive to that realistic title. Happy New Year to all the AI’s in the world….


  3. My impression is that Swann just doesn’t want to be bothered. I could’ve accepted putting up with rebuilding the coaching staff, if they had done that. But there was one hire of note and the rest can row the boat with Helton. Mediocrity is the new normal at SC and wait till next year is becoming a yearly thing.


  4. Messrs. Weller, Idrj and ‘Paw-saw-duh-nah’ have it right…Swann is a lazy, indolent, golf playing, ‘househand’ who treats this rare posituion as if he’s still Keith Jackson’s ‘batman’ on Saturdays for ABC football. “Hey there ‘swannie’ what do you see?” “It sure is cold down here!” “Wonderful insight…ever suggest you take a run at occupying the statehouse in Harrisburg? Why you’d sweep those fools off their feet there now, you truly would ‘swannie’.” “Haven’t given it much thought….”


    1. Pud hit it bulls eye….the sewer snoid who went to (Cerritos JC?) has no life but to insult USC and posts here. Consider how long this hump has been scouring the internet ‘searching’ for what once was 2 years ago and hey, through his pathetic obsession, the lover of the peckerwood struck gold. Never a mention of what a joke that program has been, save for Harrick in 95′, no just keep grinding out his bile about anything specific to USC. I hope both Kelley and Alford stay at bel-air tech forever


  5. Pudly76 say:

    “How bout we mo better than uruins in bb!! Now and nekst year. Putz.

    Last thing a dumbass ought to be doin is touting his shit when he don’t have none. Hahaha. Who no better chocolate chip or allfornuttin??”

    Pudster’s pithy rant is evidence he’s a half-assed, ignorant, SUCCX deplorable that’s unable to construct a coherent post.

    In case you missed it Pudster, Andyain’twinning is 3 – 20 vs ranked teams.


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