All Hail The Pac-12

The Conference of Champions won a bowl game!

Of course No. 13-ranked Washington State had to squeak out a 28-26 victory over No. 24 Iowa State but the Pac-12 will take any victory it can get at this point.

It’s also refreshing to see a coach “over-achieve.” I would not know what that feels like watching USC play.


8 thoughts on “All Hail The Pac-12

  1. Iowa St had a good yr and beat some good teams ,that was a good game and win for Wash St and Mike Leach…the best head coach in Pac 12 who thrives on 2 and 3 star athletes,going to Bowl games the last 4 years…he took over a program that rarely won more than a few games for years.

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  2. Leach had a history of winning n proved his leadership as a head coach. Notwithstanding his loss 2 the Huskies in the Apple Bowl, he ended the season with a “Win”. Had Helton beat the Bruins n gave SC a post-season bowl victory, I think the SC student body, alumni, and the media would cut him some slack and give him the benefit of the doubt. It appears the only person backing Helton unconditionally is Swan, who’s credibility as an Athlectic Director, in my humble opinion, has diminished completely.


  3. They won because they were able to get that all important clock killing first down when they needed it. Ironically the play came with a between the legs catch. If USC had caught the ball in this manner it would have been ruled incomplete and the ball would have been handed over to Iowa State at the USC 20 for arguing the call.

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    1. 100% right esp. if the game took place in So. Bend-IN or against bel-air tech…you know the logic “These arrogant Trojans have been winning for years…we need to ‘level the field’….’break that glass ceiling’…’make this a female friendly environment’….”Ruling on the filed stands. Incomplete pass by USC and 15 yds. for being angry!”


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