When Will Kevin Porter Return?

When is freshman guard Kevin Porter going to return from a bruised thigh?

He has been out five weeks and said last week he hoped to return for tonight’s game with UC Davis. But he hasn’t even practiced in the past week and Andy Enfield said he isn’t able to practice or play. Like I said last week, his return is anticipated because in college basketball circles there has already been speculation whether the injury kept him out or some other issue arose.

UPDATED: USC sophomore Jordan Usher has been suspended indefinitely for unspecified conduct issues.

10 thoughts on “When Will Kevin Porter Return?

  1. SCooter, I see no mention regarding the women’s record which is 10-1 and are curb stomping ugly. What is wrong? U won’t be positive? Uragged on Coach Trakh, yet he is winning. Yea, I know ur excuse, they have not played anyone and u forgot about them.


  2. It seems the Piglet isn’t engineering TD’s. In his last 5 qtr’s + an O/T, the Piglet has produced just two FG’s. Both the Piglet and Bruin BB are clearly emulating Clown U Men’s BB.


  3. 5 weeks for a bruise does seem a tad lengthy…we had lots of those things at MCRD in the early 60’s,no one got 5 weeks off on any bruises…either it is more than a bruise ,or something else…and I guess there is a reason for not being open about it…so be it.


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