Miami And USC Not Too Different

Look at how similar Mark Richt and Clay Helton were the past two seasons:

  • Miami went 10-3 and lost in the Orange Bowl in 2017.
  • USC went 11-3 and lost in the Cotton Bowl in 2017.
  • Miami finished 13th in the final AP Top 25 poll. USC was 12th.
  • Miami went 7-6 this season. USC went 5-7. Miami lost in the Pinstripe Bowl. USC did not make a bowl.

Richt resigned today. Helton was protected by his incompetent athletic director and made a few changes to his coaching staff. The similarities ended.

18 thoughts on “Miami And USC Not Too Different

  1. The NFL has just announced, that by a unanimous vote, JuJu has been selected as the NFL GOAT of the Year.

    As one voter quipped, it does get any worse than an unforced player fumble that screws his team out of a chance to make the playoffs.


    1. Give me liberty or give me death….hahahahaha!

      Oops there goes another one.

      Did chocolate chip find himself a new OC? What’s that, 5 in 5 yrs?? Hahaha!

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      1. Hey Pud wait for ‘pasadena frattie’ to come and praise ‘always a clown’…wait for it…wait for it….’always a clown’ is so glad some fool who ‘claims; to be a USC alum is engaging with him….’blank’ the gutless cowardly craven, girlie man, aka ‘the peckerwood’.

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      2. Max “I wish I could” Browne? Couldn’t beat out the kid at Pitt either. Wow, you’re good, no really, you’re good. How’s recruiting going, seeing you here throwing shitballs around, and chocolate chip’s recruits are not even rated this year, or was that just an oversight? Hahaha
        Hey just wondering, who is Rodney Alcala? Did he finish his semester at westwierd or did he have to leave town early after leaving that seven year old for dead on his kitchen floor?

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    2. Rented Mule…you were sweating it to the last Browns 4th down play, weren’t you?! haha. Now, if the Colts and Titans can manage a tie tonight, you can go back to contemplating the strange activities about to unfold in Jolly Holly La-la Land (“but, but…why do these people get to go on the field after New Year’s?)…


      1. Yes yimmy, I was a tad startled when Browns landed 1st and 10 on the Ravens 40. However, once I saw how Harbaugh planned to defense Mayfield, I rested easy.

        CBS ran inset shot of JuJu jumping around like a pogo stick. LOL!!!


      2. Be careful the rented mule is looking for anyone who’ll ‘interact’ with him. He is so looking forward to the search for the new and improved coach akin to ‘the peckerwood’ to replace Alford.


  2. Commie Lush say

    “Hey Pud wait for ‘pasadena frattie’ to come and praise ‘always a clown’…wait for it…wait for it….’always a clown’ is so glad some fool who ‘claims; to be a USC alum is engaging with him….’blank’ the gutless cowardly craven, girlie man, aka ‘the peckerwood’.”

    Hey Commie Lush, have you been keeping up with UCLA’s LGBT website. Taking a peek as it were eh Commie Lush.


  3. Once that clone clown Helton is gone… USC will emerge from this mess …. it will crush all …. it will also focus the attention on the program to contrast it with, not just the Pac-12 but the rest of the nation.

    Kelly won’t recruit because he hates recruiting and that is why=, aside from their pathetic 80 yd. practice field and their ‘home stadium’ 20+ miles from the campus, they shall always and ever shall be a joke


    1. Commie Lush, you don’t sound so convincing. Sounds like you need an eye-opener?

      I watched highlights of the Jets vs Pats Game. From the Jets side to about the Pats 40 the Piglet looked fairly sharp – just no points, not even close.

      The Piglet looked hilarious on a fumble by his RB the Pats scooped up and advanced. Piglet got in this “I’m going to make this tackle” like crouch while simultaneously backpedaling from the scrum/tackle action. What a crack up!

      Piglet also looked pretty good when he fumbled the ball to the Pats for six points. Will the Piglet be the MVP for the Jets?

      Fumble on.


  4. WHAT AN INSULT… comparing the 2 coaches. If M Richt had a q/b ,same as LSU seems to never have one, they would have been in the top 10…neither of his q/b’s could complete a pass except to the defense.He had a great record at Georgia ,just had BAMA always in the way. Never held practices anything like ‘no bowl’ helton ,or skipped’em,or faked ’em. Poor comparison, you owe him an apology.


    1. Yeah, I hear how much everyone liked him both at GA and Miami and yet for him at 58 he’s retiring? Blaming his inability on garnering a ‘NC’ on AL doesn’t explain how Smart has transformed that rivalry.

      Miami hasn’t won a title since 2001 and the number of coaches that have come and gone is legion even worst than USC’s nearly 10 year mess. Larry Coker NC in 2001 but gone after 2006 then Shannon who was average at best then Richt.

      It is not easy finding the right candidate for college football prowess or, as fits the NFL the old saying holds true, always bet on the team that has 4 great things: owner, GM, head coach and quarterback. Same matrix for college – president, AD, head coach and quarterback


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