Bubba Bolden Suspension Lifted

USC safety Bubba Bolden, who was suspended for 28 months last fall after admitting to drinking and “mutual trash talking” at an off campus party, had the suspension lifted by the university.

Now will he come back to USC?

His mother said it will be up to Bolden to decide his next step.

The challenge for Bolden, if he is not bitter about his situation, is that USC now has two sophomore safeties who look like bright spots next season: Talanoa Hufanga and Isaiah Pola-Mao.

16 thoughts on “Bubba Bolden Suspension Lifted

  1. I don’t know what he did.
    “Trash talking”??????
    That makes me wonder if he was drunk and ripping Helton or the coaching staff and it was heard loud and clear.

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    1. Sammy, he was trash talking some vb girls. No conspiracy here.

      And btw, this would/could be used as Bubba’s redshirt year as he didn’t play over his four game limit. So we have three sophomores coming back who can play. And he beat out Pola-Mao prior to his suspension already, so he’d be a welcome rotational player at very least.


      1. Hey Buddy,
        Yeah last night a friend was telling me that the incident was said to be dropped that evening. The campus security even said that there was no wrong doing on Bolden’s end. They had ended the night believing it was over and they’ll just leave it at a misunderstanding. But right after they went to a higher up and filed a complaint. Also sounded as if Helton didn’t care to believe or hear out any perspectives or the facts.

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      2. Hey Sammy, it was cool until Bubba decided to have a last word and went back and said it.
        As far as Helton, he had no say in the punishment as it went through Stundent Judicial affairs (SJACS) and they made the decision that he was a threat to members of the vb team. If Clay knew this was going to be so serious they wouldn’t have named him a starter and suspend him the next day.

        Hope you and all yours have a happy and joyful new year!!


      3. Thanks you too. Chris Steele said his reason for not coming to USC was because Ronnie Bradford doesnt develop DB’s, but said that “the way Bubba Bolden was treated” was enough.

        I’m just glad hes here.
        He told Scott Schaeder that Bolden wasn’t returning but after that I think Bolden changed his mind because he was CB to stay.

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  2. Anyone think that HellSwannton changed its mind about Bubba’s status due to the poor results in the early recruiting period?

    And by the way, for those so guns-ho about the new OC, hopefully you paid attention to what happened to Oklahoma (which is little different to what happened to Oregon…the Big 12 was infected with the “air raid” mentality 15 years ago and has been a laughing stock nationally ever since – basketball scores abound, and that aint a recipe for success for us, given Clancy was already an arsonist along those lines)…unless toughness and physicality are introduced to the program, we will never rejoin the upper echelon – we will be stuck on the Donna Shalala Highway with the U. Not sUCLA bad, but mediocre bad…

    Since Sark is back on the market, we should get him back pronto, if for nothing else than the 7 Win Sark moniker…


    1. At the end of the day it won’t matter who our OC is. Because USC will never be at a level of the Alabama’s, Clemson’s, Georgia’s and others as long as Clancy Pendergast is leading the defense and grooming them to play with a bend but don’t break approach. The first part of the schedule is a true test of Helton’s leadership going forward. Will he be able to let Kingsbury work? Will he emphasize that Clancy must prepare the 2nd team players better and not to ignore them at practice because he is focused on his 11 starters, but this will be a big time challenge with the schedule not letting up until mid season. Pendergast has to win games on defense for once.


  3. Bright spots? You were the one crapping on the Safety position saying how shallow it was. Classic Scottie!

    BTW: I’m seeing that the Pac-12 is likely going to go 3 – 0 today (Oregon, Stanford, Utah). Does that annoy the hell out of you scottie? Screw up your narratives? Hell no, you’ll craft even BETTER narratives that likely be even more anti-USC. “USC being left behind?” “USC irrlevant?” ha! Happy New Year, Scottie…..


  4. Bolden would be an excellent gift. There is a big “but” here. Nobody said he can play football yet. And who would want to play for the school that burned him at the stake while believed himself innocent?
    I’d love to see him play again but whether or not that happens remains to be seen.


    1. It’s not like the football program burned him. It’s this new Guilty until Innocent structure that was put into place in the last 4 or 5 years at Universities which has little to do with due process and cross-examination. It’s one of the things that I like about this new regime – rolling back that crap.


  5. Fitzgerald made changes for the 2nd half against UT. Whittingham did not. Truly this is the worst loss of the conference this bowl season 2018. Not one point scored by UT in the 2nd half after leading 20 – 3 over Northwestern. This loss reminds one of the stellar game plans that Helton has used for 3+ years. Get a 1st half lead and make no changes in anticipation of what the opponent has seen in the first half.

    So much for a great ‘today’. Pac-12 now 3 – 3 with Rose Bowl the last hope for a 4 – 3 bowl season.

    Another year of mediocrity.


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