USC Does Not Make Cut For DJ Uiagalelei

St John Bosco’s DJ Uiagalelei, the No. 1-ranked QB nationally in 2020, listed seven schools that he would focus on during his recruitment:








Where is USC? I know the way USC recruiting services swarmed around Uiagalelei, the Trojans were considered one of his favorites.

But maybe the fact Mater Dei QB Bryce Young committed to USC last summer played a part.

Personally, I’d take the 6-4 quarterback over the 5-9 quarterback but I’m not Clay Helton.

Besides, top recruits love to go elsewhere these days. Maybe King Kliff can convince Uiagalelei to reconsider USC. He also plays baseball, which is another reason it matters how Lynn Swann does (or does not do) his job.

At least now Mt. SAC can say it made a cut over USC.


13 thoughts on “USC Does Not Make Cut For DJ Uiagalelei

  1. Mt. Sac!!
    Easy to get in and easy classes. I have two degrees from Mt. Sac. They have a good team though. An indirect direct slap at USC? Way to go kid!


  2. Some salient facts to substantiate firing Swann and Helton:
    1. 5-7 record for 2018.
    2. No Pac-12 conference representation.
    3. Not in ranking of best 25 teams in country.
    4. Loss to a cross-town rival that had a record of 3-9 for the season.
    5. No bowl invitation.
    6. Difficulty in recruiting 4 and 5 star athletes.
    7. No seniors in any mock drafts for the NFL
    8. No players on 1st and 2nd All-America

    If 3 out of the above 8 were accomplished in 2018, I would give Swann and Helton the benefit of the doubt. But since that’s not the case, they should both resign like Richt at University of Miami and give some relief to the SC student body, alumni, and community in Southern California.


    1. Helton and Swanny Need To Depart after the 2019 football season….
      keep kliff kingsbury also involved with Getting a Top Level New Coach…going into 2o2ofootball season and Get Rid of Clancy Pendergas
      Need a New Defensive Coordinatoor


  3. How did USC let Tua T. get away from them?? A West coast kid going to Alabama?? They’d rather keep stock piling these mediocre white, pocket passers from OC who can’t move except for Sam Darnold.


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