Happy New Year!


Happy 2019!

And let’s celebrate with a picture of the USC band (in classic regalia) from the 1975 Rose Parade.

This was the day USC defeated Ohio State, 18-17, in the Rose Bowl on a two-point pass from Pat Haden to Shelton Diggs. The Trojans finished No. 1 in the UPI poll with 27 of 34 first-place votes.


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Scott and all concerned about the athletic programs at SC! Hoping that 19 will be much better than 18. Some think we might have to “cross” both fingers and toes for that….

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  2. SCooter, Happy New Year and to everyone else. I remember when USC used to go to the Rose Bowl every year. It was like a dynasty that did their job and showed up where they were supposed to be on January 1st. Now, they are lucky to go to the pecan bowl let alone the RoseBowl

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  3. I remember those uniforms I was in that Parade but not with a band. That year I was a banner carrier as an Eagle Scout.
    Happy New Year Trojans-no more “wait till next year” This IS next year.


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