New Year’s Day Notes


Former USC cornerback Kris Richard will interview for the New York Jets head-coaching position, according to the NFL Network.

Richard is an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys. He was fired by Pete Carroll last year after seven seasons with the Seahawks.

  • Former USC linebacker Matt Gee has died, according to former teammates. Gee, 49, was a successful insurance salesman in Simi Valley. He was a captain of the 1991 team.

He also threw the javelin for the USC track-and-field team and still owns the sixth-best mark in USC history (213-5).

In the above photo, Gee (48) helps make a tackle in the 1991 USC-UCLA game.



12 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Notes

  1. There was a very nice post from Mike Aronson earlier about Gee’s passing. RIP, Matt.

    Best New Year’s wishes to all Trojans. Scott, thanks for keeping the blog going, and thanks to all Trojans for contributing here. Always enjoy your knowledge and insights.

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  2. 6th best javelin throw ever at 213 feet? Jan Sikorski, Larry Stuart had dozens of throws in the 230-250 range ,I watched them at SC track meets and invitationals in 60’s,50’s too for others.And that’s just 2 of the conference/ncaa champs SC had in that event in past decades.


  3. Pat Haden, former All-American QB at SC and All-Pro with the LA Rams back in the day, became an athletic director after doing a stint as an SC Trustee. He fired Lane Kiffin after a game with no ride home. And then he hired Sarkisian over Ed Obregon. Clearly, that was a major mistake and poor judgement on the part of Haden because Obregon was a proven “winner” and got his tutelage under another winner named Pete Carroll. As an concerned alumni and observer, it appears that former players aren’t always the best choices to be head coaches and/or athletic directors. And when they leave after a lackluster performance, they may end up hitting the bottle and/or crying in their beer….


    1. If I’m not mistaken, Orgeron had winning head coaches as bosses prior to Carroll. I believe he was on Dennis Erickson’s staff a U of Miami for one or two of their national championships.


  4. Since we’re giving credit where it’s due, let’s not forget Haden’s masterpiece, his Mona Lisa, his Sistine Chapel: Coach Clay Helton, a hire that will ensure Haden’s name will forever, and deservedly, live in USC football infamy. Oh yeah, and he stole scholarship money meant for the needy. A true prince of sleaze. In comparison, Swann is just a clueless empty suit.

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    1. Got to hand it to Haden….just like that ‘poof’ gone…no where to be ‘seen’ save for his making sure his own personal legacy his ‘re-design’ of the Coliseum proceeds with him at the helm. Considering how he pilloried Bush, Tim Floyd, Todd McNair – never any public blowback for Haden – nothing – just permitted to go on ‘in camera’ save for that terse notice by Nikias’ office that he (Haden) was no longer ‘officially’ employed by USC.

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  5. I don’t know if it’s lack of size or a lack of a plan but WA looks truly out of their class against OH St. This is another statement of the overall less than average skill and even more glaring lack of preparation for bowl games by the Pac-12.

    If USC is strong the rest of the conference mans up to face them and respective bowl opponents. Helton can’t be shown the door soon enough.

    The Huskies remind one of how Notre Dame played this past Saturday against Clemson esp. as the 2nd half unfolded. Browning can’t complete passes


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