USC Rose Bowl Flashbacks

Here is Charles White scoring the phantom touchdown in the 1979 Rose Bowl. USC won, 17-10.

USC’s defense tackles Ohio State tailback Keith Byars in the 1985 Rose Bowl. USC won, 20-17.

USC vs. Penn State in the 2009 Rose Bowl. USC won, 31-7.

Fullback Ralph Kurek (34) scores Wisconsin’s first TD in 1963 Rose Bowl. USC quarterback Pete Beathard (12) (playing both ways) and end Hal Bedsole (19) are the defenders. USC won 42-37 and claimed the national title.

USC defeats Penn State, 14-3, in the 1923 Rose Bowl.

15 thoughts on “USC Rose Bowl Flashbacks

  1. Was just thinking back to Sammy’s comeback against Penn State just 2 years ago. Incredible victory. Bathroooms sucked that day, but was great celebrating when it was over.


  2. I wonder what Lynn Swann is thinking and where he is as the Rose Bowl game is going on. I’m sure he went to the bank to cash his check and is not concerned about the game


  3. Be interesting to see what happens now per UCF near victory over LSU and how it is garnering more interest to be admitted to a Big 5 conference – Big 12 and contrast that rise with the shrinking relevance of Notre Dame.

    A full 3 decades since their last national championship….continuous disdain to join a conference even when such was offered (documented Big 10 offered late 90’s and early 2000’s….etc.). As of 4 weeks ago, able to be considered for top-tier bowls even though not required to play in a CCG as the other 124 conference teams do.

    Here’s their problem, based on last Saturday;s beat down, how do they even garner any serious consideration going forward for post-season? What makes their previous ability to set their own rules, in turn, make them equal to or better than all the rest?

    In 2019, even replicating this year’s 12 -0 record, how do they explain their ‘gift’ of no 13th game (CCG) that is currently used as a ‘quarterfinal’ round for the current playoff layout?

    If UCF admittance to a top 5 conference is in public discussion moving towards an offer, now what for Notre Dame? The one thing they have steadily avoided is having to play in a conference that requires running the table rather than what they have always done namely hand selecting: opponents and game sites.

    Irish AD Swarbrick knows, barring moving to a top 5 conference, the end is near in So. Bend.

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  4. Not that any USC fan should need a reminder, but pay attention to the physical beating that another finesse Pac-12 team is absorbing from what used to be the laughing stock of college football (the Big 10)…gimmick offenses alone do not suffice…discipline, toughness, physicality are still the fundamental ingredients required to compete with the top tier programs…USC has never seemed further from this than they are now…

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  5. The Pac 12 is declining in football and basketball. The size of lineman in the SEC and Big10 is so different the Pac12 looks like kids vs men. The conference of champions is water polo , tennis, and swimming

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  6. I’m pretty sure the score of the 2009 Rose Bowl Game vs. Penn State was 38 – 24 Trojans.

    I think the blogger only watched until halftime and then turned it off.


  7. That 09 Rose Bowl was fun. And Papa Joe’s reaction was classic. USC embarrassed the nutty lions that day. As for Charlie White’s touchdown shrug it’s in the record book. One of rare times SC got one passed the refs.


    1. Yes, some seem to desperately overlook the fact that USC was in a position to score a phantom touchdown on a tailback dive in the first place, and that after taking a quick 17-3 lead JRob shut the offense down because of how strong the defense was (unfortunately the same mistake that was committed the next season versus Stanford that cost USC the national title)…that USC team lit up both Alabama and Notre Dame that season…


  8. More Kingsbury to the NFL talk…Apparently he has some interviews lined up. Most likely going through the motions to get some NFL interviewing experiences. Or at least that’s my two.


  9. Pat Haden was a QB for SC in the 70’s and they beat Ohio State. Had Haden kept Ed Obregon as SC’s head coach, do you think that SC might have been playing Ohio State in the 2019 Rose Bowl instead of the UW Huskies? Talking about feeling neurotic about your past….


    1. Yeah, Doc…it’s hard to believe that Haden and Swann played on the ’72-’74 teams, given their recent actions in the AD position…difficult to reconcile feelings for them as players and members of those teams with dissatisfaction towards them for the state of the program at present…

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    1. And how bizarre is it to recall that 5 minutes into the game at Austin USC looked like it was going to run the Horns out of Texas…congrats to Tom Hermann and his coaching staff…and nice to see the woofing SEC dawgs hushed at least for a night…


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