USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarkisian Fired By Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons fired Steve Sarkisian this morning after two seasons.

It will be interesting to see his next move. Never underestimate his ability to fail upward.

There are rumors he could end up as offensive coordinator at Tennessee, a job Tee Martin always wanted.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarkisian Fired By Falcons

      1. I am a long ,long time real SC fan…since about 1950,and I don’t wish him anything but a good life.Hope he gets a good new coaching job.


  1. Sarkisian should be welcomed backed to southern cal! He is an embodiment of southern cal football! A fall down drunk who is all about fluff with no substance!

    I am all for keeping the “great Clay Helton” but when someone like Sarkisian is available, you strike the iron when it’s hot! Maybe he can bring along his friend Lane Kiffin and reinstate Osa and Brice!!


  2. Steve Sarkisian has been a phony since the word go, and now karma has come for him. I’d be shocked if he’s hired as an offensive coordinator for another NFL team, or a major university. Pete Carroll May throw him a bone as a position coach, or a “Special Assistant”.


  3. Oh Snarky boy … the fraud is finally catching up to him. Pete will not be able to BS anyone into hiring him. And since Suck is black balled from college ball for being a drunk at games and practice and trying to sue SC … not too many options left for the lazy butt kissing fraud.


  4. there are some sick self righteous people here, hope none of you are ever held accountable for any of your failures or misdeeds or need an ounce of mercy and graciousness.


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