A Word On Bubba Bolden And USC

Bubba Bolden may want to return to USC because he loves the university. But the way USC’s statement below is worded doesn’t sound all that embracing: “he will be permitted to return to classes for the spring semester if he so chooses.”


8 thoughts on “A Word On Bubba Bolden And USC

  1. If he comes back, thank Nancy DeVos (aka Trump’s Education Secretary) for rolling back those non-due-process rules that kicked so many men and women out of school over the last 7 or so years.

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  2. Like you mean actually investigating a charge instead of acting like the inquisition … SC is a POS recently with this kind of thing …. Really all schools from what I read.
    The firing of the Marshall School of Business dean falls right into this kind of nonsense also.
    As someone who’s family had 4 generations go here, it’s beyond disappointing to see the University overreact on some of these issues and not be on top of actual vile actions of Doctors and others.


    1. Tony Bland’s guilty plea pretty much covers it.

      I’m more interested in what sanctions the NCAA might impose on the Universities that employed the guilty asst. coaches/recruiters.

      Personally, I don’t know how Andyain’twinning has retained his position, even though he claims he didn’t know squat about Bland’s activities on behalf of bozo BB.

      I was under the impression it was Andyain’twinning’s job to know.


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