Pat Haden Quote To Remember

When Pat Haden hired Steve Sarkisian over Ed Orgeron, he told me this in 2013.

“I could be absolutely wrong. We’ll find out.”

We sure did find out.

Orgeron just led LSU to a 10-3 record with wins over Georgia and Central Florida. And he just stole the nation’s top cornerback for 2020 (Elias Ricks of Mater Dei) from USC.

Sometimes I think it is hard to overestimate how bad a job Haden and Lynn Swann have done.


21 thoughts on “Pat Haden Quote To Remember

  1. Can’t underestimate the damage that Max Nikias has done to the University. And the fact that so few on the BOT recognize this, well, it does not bode well for the future.


    1. Nikias still resides in Univ. President’s home in San Marino!!!

      Nikias, since stepping down as the bozo president, was voted a lifetime membership to the Clown U Board of Trustees!!!

      Nikias remains a bozo u tenured professor!!!

      To my limited knowledge, Nikias has publicly accepted zero responsibility for the accumulated damage to USC during his presidential regime!!!

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  2. If Haden had just channelled his inner George Costanza and done the opposite of every inclination he had, the program would be in much better shape.

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  3. Scott, most of your followers thought Ed Orgeron was an idiot who couldn’t handle a head coaching position , and that’s because they know nothing about leadership skills. Most successful coaches hire top coordinators, and allow them to do their jobs, which is exactly what Orgeron did . Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton couldn’t attract top assist coaches if their life depended on it .

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    1. I said then, and I say it now, Coach “O” saved bozo FB after the Kiffy/St. Pat tarmac tete-a-tete and deserved the HFBC job.

      Just image SUCCXster’s where bozo FB would be sitting today had Coach “O” been named bozo HFBC instead of cruelly STABBED in the back.

      Thank you St. Pat.


      1. And folks, there we have it – from the mouth of SUC-la’s, making way more sense than anyone in power for us since Garrett’s final acts…


    2. I know I was angry about it – was a stupid move, and all because that night in South Bend the alternating quarterback (Cody and Max) fiasco was at its worst and the kicker missed some short kicks…if he wins that game and only has the egg laid to Hundley against him, Haden would have had a much harder time doing what he did…Coach O epitomized was USC football was about…that game against Stanford, during my years watching, ranks with the 1980 beating of Notre Dame (look up circumstances), and the 1985 twin upsets of #1 Washington and the Rose Bowl win over a loaded Ohio State team, as our finest hours, gutting out tough wins against high caliber opponents…

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  4. I know many felt coach O wasn’t head coach material based on his head-coaching gig at that muddy water school, but after accepting the interim position he was interviewed and one of things that stood out was the fact that he knew his mistakes and he learned from them.
    For a short period of time the team responded better for coach O than Kiffin. The football program at SC seemed to be heading in the right direction. But that wasn’t good enough for Pope Pat. And many people agreed with Haden. I was called stupid and told I didn’t know football by my peers on the former blog. However I have to believe we would not be sweating over an assistant coach garnering NFL attention if we had done Coach Orgeron right.

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    1. I was right there with you…people couldn’t see past the Rebel misstep (which he clearly took like lots of ambitious top assistants do in their rush to establish their own kingdom, often without thinking about what is entailed – look at what happened to some of Bill Belichick’s top assistants over the years…Weiss, McDaniels, Krennel, etc)…and were blind to the miracle that he was able to inspire the kids on that team to perform…never heard any of the garbage excuses from him that we hear trotted out by Helton on a regular basis…he went with what he had, and he preached character…what we so sadly lack now…and I am happy as can be for him succeeding at LSU…he’s been an offensive coordinator/quarterback jell from being in the playoff discussion, and his teams have not been embarrassed by the top competition in the conference, to include Alabama…

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  5. No matter how much well deserved vitriol we hurl Haden’s way, it’s hardly enough. The man’s not above stealing money from the Salvation Army’s bucket at Xmas.

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  6. When u resign and/or leave the employ of an entity due to termination, i.e., get fired, you generally clear your desk out and leave the premises. At SC, the philosophy is to let an employee remain in tenure and be paid, stay at home designated for the visionary top administrator, and reinforce the person for providing virtually no leadership whatsoever. This can be substantiated by the multiple scandals that have beseiged our fine and reputable institution of education. And to add insult to injury, there was a decision to keep a head coach on the payroll to the tune of nearly $4 million a year and provide no leadership while he watches the OC who is supposed to be SC’s panacea of all college football ills build a program in shambles. It’s a sad reality the our visionary leaders called Trustees are without the cajones to cut them all loose. I use to be very proud to be an SC alumni. Now, I walk around in shame as if I was the one who just got fired from my job. Talking about irony!

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    1. So well said. I joke with friends about how as you get older it’s like what Tony Kornheiser once said (in his pre-ESPN days): “You cheer for the uniform…” as in you cheer for your memories. Essentially, fandom is almost a childish form of social contract theory. Our commitment as fans to USC isn’t a one way gift, as Swann infamously and stupidly implied a short while ago. It’s a two way agreement, where we contribute to the financial needs of the program (admittedly some much more than others, but each according to their ability), but in return have a reasonable right of expectation that the university will do the right thing and put a team on the field (especially in the way it is coached, to include player conduct and character) that approaches our expectations – and that it will always be an open and honest arrangement.

      So to me, even though I never played for the team, I still have that mental headspace of putting on a Trojan t-shirt when I’m working out and thinking back to the inspirational players, from Mike Garrett or Charles White, or Tim Green or Mike Patterson, right up to more recent players like Sua or Sam.

      That’s why I mentioned the 1980 team’s victory over Notre Dame above. #2 ranked, 7-0-1, at home against Washington, and on pace to win an improbable national title while on one year bowl ban…blow a lead between turnovers and starting quarterback Gordon Adams having a season-ending injury…then blow a lead in the last minute on a freak play by Freeman McNeil against UCLA…no reason to show up in the season finale against undefeated and #2 ranked Notre Dame (getting ready to take on Herschel Walker and #1 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and in Dan Devine’s last regular season game)…Marcus Allen out injured…backup quarterback Scott Tinsley in the lineup…

      And they beat the living hell out of that Notre Dame team…as far as I’m concerned, no finer hour in USC football…

      Feel’s like the other side of the universe from where we’re at now.

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      1. No it was the 1970 team that was what you described….tied by NE and then losses to: OR, Cal, Stanford and humiliated by bel-air tech, up against an undefeated notre dame and Theismann – boom victory! A 38 – 28 crushing of the irish title hopes in the rain at the Coliseum. El Rodeo that year was priceless….turning those miserable pages of photos and text per the season and then the last one….that photo of John Vella grinning with the caption “…and then there was Notre Dame!”

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    2. That louse Haden is still busy ‘re-designing’ the Coliseum. He’s no longer ‘officially’ connected to USC….no blowback for his nah….there is justice for the patrician class and then there is that which the ‘hoi polloi’ are given.


  7. Great head coaches know the game, how to inspire the young talented players, bring out the best in their assistant coaches, and display leadership on and off the field. John Robinson and John McKay exemplified great coaches at SC. Trustees back in the day knew who they were bringing in to carry the tradition at SC in LA. The Trustees at SC today appear to be in “left field” and “don’t know which end is up” in terms of rectifying the horrendous problem of taking a team not in the top 100 teams in college football and bringing them back into the fold as a collegiate football contender in all three polls. What is the trite cliche appropo to this situation: “The blind leading the blind”…

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