USC Morning Buzz: What Is Lynn Swann’s Plan B?

I could say I find it ridiculous that an NFL team might hire Kliff Kingsbury but I remember an NFL team hired Lane Kiffin.

I’m not sure why some USC fans think Kingsbury would be disloyal to leave for an NFL job or to even interview. This is what coaches do. They always want to be wanted and aspire to coach in the NFL.

The better question is what is Lynn Swann’s Plan B? He is no doubt smug over the hiring of Kingsbury, the big move of the offseason. How does USC replicate that if Kingsbury leaves?

People have had it with Clay Helton. So Swann better have a Plan B. Helton never does in games.

Meanwhile, here is the craziest thing I heard regarding the USC football program in 2018, which I posted here on

13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Is Lynn Swann’s Plan B?

  1. With any sense (yes, enough evidence is already out on that account), he would be calling Del Rio or Haley pronto and saying, “Look, uh, I’m kinda stuck here…uh…how fast could you round up some of your out-of-work NFL coaching buddies and put together a staff? I’m desperate! Help me out!” Whether he has a Plan B is irrelevant, sine his Plan A involved retaining Clay and Clancy…Athlon’s just released their earliest 2019 Top 25 – no USC…anyone surprised? And that was assuming the new OC stayed…


  2. I’m no Lynn fan, but you bash him for no hires, and when he makes an arguably good hire (Kliff), you bash him for being smug about it in classic strawman fashion. Damned if you…… you know the rest.


    1. Maybe Wolf bashes him both ways, but I don’t – I bash him for bad decisions, and that includes hiring Kliff, an “air raid” coordinator who was an “air raid” head coach for a losing program in a conference that is equally subpar with the Pac 12 (when the air raid is exposed annually in the playoffs, and even within the Pac-12, where a well-coached Washington team hammers Wazzou every year)…it’s fine to want to find a straw to clutch to when the program is so pathetically on the wrong track, and since that seems to be what you wish to do, please, by all means…but as far as I’m concerned, fans can equally demonstrate their love of the program by speaking out…in this case, against a decade of ineptitude…this is a 3-9 team next year, and that’s if Kliff stays…what do you think it will be with Helton, a far worse coach than Ted Tollner or Larry Smith, along with Clancy, if devoid of Kliff?

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  3. Plan B but is not too terrible. Kingsburry must get out of his contract before he signs one anywhere else. So he goes to Swann but Swann says “Stay and I’ll give you the team.” Although the chances are not good, we do have a deeper talent pool than his last gig.
    Helton becomes an overpaid consultant until Swann pawns him off to a desperate NFL team. Come to think of it, that should have been plan A.

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  4. Better yet for Plan B, just line up the AD and the BOT’s and just shoot them. Charge their family for the bullets. How can Swann even let Kinsbury interview when he just signed with SC. That should have been one of the questions asked in the interview.


  5. For you Political Correct Hacks, snowflakes, and pencil neck geeks, it is a figure of speech, which means I am not happy with the situation at SC and things need to change immedately. No one will get hurt by my account.


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