Cal State L.A. Settles Lawsuit For $2.75 Million

Remember when a Cal State L.A. administrator filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mike Garrett and the university?

Well, it got settled for $2.75 million according to the Los Angeles Times.

Sheila Hudson accused Garrett and Cal State L.A. of violating California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and of intentional infliction of emotional distress in her 2016 lawsuit.

Hudson claimed Garrett used terms like “Sweetheart” and “Love” and “Babe” for women who worked in the Cal State L.A. athletic dept.



8 thoughts on “Cal State L.A. Settles Lawsuit For $2.75 Million

  1. Sheila Hudson, the plaintiff, allegedly secretly recorded conversations with some of the employees she supervised, which violated state law. The settlement includes that the employees who were secretly recorded will not file any lawsuits against Hudson. So payoffs for everybody.

    And this is a great example of why China will overtake us one day.

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    1. Also the same why the Cak State University and Univ of California are both headed for the dumpster multiplied with demoncrats in charge…this is the sum total of those two greedy ganefs Lisa Bloom and her mumsie Allred.


  2. My first thought was…so? When my dad worked at the school this complaint would have been laughed at. (He died in 1989 after 30 years in the job)
    If someone touched an employee or suggested something sexual, that would be harassment. Calling someone babe, is nothing more than a generational change.
    It is my understanding that the poor woman felt cheated when Garrett was hired and vowed to bring him down. Way to use your feminism for real good.

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  3. I’m sorry. Weren’t sexual harassment laws passed to protect ACTUAL victims of “sexual harassment”? For example, “Show me how much you want that promotion…” Etc. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious offense; not a term to be used to get rich quick when you don’t get your way.
    Kindly referring to someone as “young lady” and calling both men and women “babe” in an affectionate and supportive manner just isn’t sexual harassment. And shame on Ms. Hudson, (am I allowed to say Miss?). You have greedily undermined the laws that protect true victims of sexist and abhorrent treatment of women. Terrible.


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