Kyle Ford Commits To USC

As expected, wide receiver Kyle Ford of Orange Lutheran committed to USC this morning.

USC’s recruiting is now ranked No. 20 overall with Bru McCoy’s announcement to come.


2 thoughts on “Kyle Ford Commits To USC

  1. It is a shocking blow to USC football, if a new assistant coach such as Kliff Kingsbury will be able to simply walk away from a contract he signed in good faith with USC. What is the value of any signed contract in any field, if one can simply stiff the other party with no penalty or consequences. It’s very unfair to the football program and leaves it in a terrible bind at this time of year. What has America come to if pure greed such as this now seems to suggest? Kingsbury is not a child after all, and nobody forced him to sign, so he should be man enough to stick to his commitment, and go to NFL at a proper later time if he wishes.


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