Chris Steele Commits To Florida

The long saga of cornerback Chris Steele’s commitment finally ended with his commitment to Florida.

This wasn’t a surprise because Steele was expected to commit to Florida. It hurts because USC is in dire need of cornerbacks and Steele would have started next season for the Trojans.

What’s crazy is USC lost Steele and his cornerback teammate, Trent McDuffie, who is going to Washington. Add to that Mater Dei Class of 2020 corners Elias Ricks committed to LSU and Darion Green-Warren committed to Oklahoma.


4 thoughts on “Chris Steele Commits To Florida

  1. Until SC comes back into the national collegiate football contender fold, it will be a “hard sell” to dissuade a 4 and 5 star high school prospects like Steele, Ricks, and Green-Warren to commit to a team that didn’t even win their conference and be invited to a post season bowl, as well as, having a record of 5-7 for the season. Looking in retrospect, Obregon showed his head coach leadership with more wins than losses while at SC in the capacity of interim head coach. And now that he has shown he can make a team a national contender (LSU), talented prospects are gravitating towards the SEC and Big 12 and giving SC a “thanks but no thanks”. Haden must be somewhere crying in his beer for making a major judgment error to cut Obregon loose for Sarkisian.


  2. It has been an obvious weakness at SC , the heltonesque practices do not develop linemen to dominate and the D backs were worse…I would add Pac 12 officiating is poor in the area of consistent calls involving passing …that could influence the situation also.


  3. I thought it was interesting that Steele said that part of his decision had to do with the way PAC 12 refs call the game. He’s a physical corner and he feels he will be allowed to play his style more in the SEC. He sounds like someone who has watched Biggie Marshall being officiated over his career. The PAC 12 is the gift that keeps on giving.


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