Bru McCoy Commits To USC

Five-star wide receiver Bru McCoy committed to USC. This was expected because McCoy has been silently committed for a long time but Texas made a late push.

Getting a wide receiver who played with JT Daniels and Amon-Ra St. Brown shouldn’t have been that hard, right?

USC is loaded with wide receivers. Maybe they will all play for head coach Kingsbury one day.


16 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Commits To USC

  1. This finesse strategy using wide receivers and the air raid wont win national championships. Look how we fare lately against Stanford and the Alabamas and Ohio States as does the other finesse Pac12 teams. Locked in mediocrity with this recruiting strategy? Our highest ranked lineman is who?


  2. I am glad it was expected…he obviously has a strong personality in addition to his physical attributes, does not vacillate ,is not fickle and self centered, like some…he commits, he means it.

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  3. Can all of these receivers, that Clay Helton signs year after year control the line of scrimmage ? Because that’s where USC has been struggling since Clueless Clay took over, but he’s the same Bozo figurehead, that he was under Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian, so look for the exact same struggles to continue


  4. Where’s the Trojans ranked now? Scott you were so quick to point out their ranking before, when they improve not so much. And with two five star commits they are one behind bama who has 3.
    One sided, agenda driven “reporting” is hardly what journalistic integrity is about. Perhaps you’re better suited for politics or the op-ed page, sorry I forgot they let you go.


  5. It was just announced that Canes ofMiami just hired Dan Enos (QB coach) to be their OC. Miami’s record wasn’t spectacular and they weren’t in the top ten, but found a way to attract a top notch inclusion to their coaching staff. So when are we going to hear any good news about SC.


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