Would Kliff Kingsbury Resign From USC?

Pro Football Talk is reporting Kliff Kingsbury might simply resign and walk away from USC if Lynn Swann blocks him from interviewing with NFL teams.

The story reads like it came from Kingsbury’s agent and it might just be a chess move between Kingsbury and USC to allow interviews.

But it shows how bad Lynn Swann is at being an athletic director. He doesn’t know what he is doing. Does he want Kingsbury to resent being at USC since it is not even considered likely at the moment he will get an NFL head-coaching gig.

This should all be a nothingburger. Kingsbury should have interviewed and then it’s over. Instead, Swann is creating an unhealthy situation.

I doubt Kingsbury would resign. But nothing surprises me that happens at USC these days.

It’s a great future advertisement: Come to USC and coach where we will block you from interviewing with the NFL!

31 thoughts on “Would Kliff Kingsbury Resign From USC?

  1. If Kingsbury stays i imagine the coaches will be a mess. Some hjealous. Helton looking over his shoulder every day thinking Kingsbury might replace him


      1. Swallow Hal? Dufus. How many more ruins sign this week? Find an OC yet? I know chippy promoted the oline coach, I was just worried about next year. Hahaha

        BTW, you had a sell out for that stanfurd game huh? Wow, maybe daddy Ball will help the little gutties out!


      2. So things are good at USC football Puds? Even ESPNU was talking on a call in show how far we are away from the National Championship picture. There feeling was not even close. Looking at th schedule for next year what do you think our record will be after the first 6 games? 3-3 would be a major win


      3. Where did I say that troll? What’s your point anyway? If you had real balls you’d declare your allegiance and let us see the real you, but you’re so proud of your school you won’t even stand in it’s shadow . Poor poor pitiful you. And as far as espn/u goes, they’re wrong as often as right. Hahaha


    1. What an embarrassment of a university… maybe it’s time to burn that shithole in south central down to the ground. Or maybe let the local gangs, bums, and crackheads have it.

      – Medical school dean fired for basically having a 2nd life as a brothel and drug den operator
      – School gynecologist sexually abusing women for decades resulting in hundred of millions if not billions in settlements
      – Marshall school dean unjustly fired. Donors are furious and gonna prob. cost them 40 million in donor commitments
      – Your savior OC, who is a better coach than your current head coach, may resign for the NFL because your schmuck Athletic Director declined his right to interview with NFL.
      – Assistant basketball coach agrees to plea deal to avoid going to jail for cheating. Of course there’s no chance in hell your Head Coach wasn’t aware.
      – Ex Athletic Director, Hero QB, Rhodes Scholar and “respected” local businessman Pat Haden, who is already worth hundreds of millions, gets caught stealing millions from a charity for his family.


      1. “Or maybe let the local gangs, bums, and crackheads have it.”

        Well if the ruin grads could, they would. Of course fucla grads live around our campus, they couldn’t find a decent job with that glowing diploma given out in westwierd.


  2. K.K.’s agent s/b working phones hard. The NFL is where K.K. belongs.

    Clown U FB circus is a dead end. If K.K. fails to improve the bozos, his rep will take a massive hit. If K.K. is successful, the pundits and critics will claim that with all the bozo FB talent, a monkey, working for bananas could have done the same job.


  3. If Kingsbury quits it could be over for him. Swann has to say, “we hope he doesn’t, but if he does rest assured we will have moved on by the time the NFL coaching search is finished. We will wish him well with the win loss record he has, combined with the leaf blowing in the wind attitude on his resume’ “

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  4. Kingsbury probably wanted to hangout in Manhattan Beach for awhile; see his girlfriend, and teach his new dog some tricks…Then he got a taste of disfunction junction and wants out…I don’t blame him…he doesn’t want to get blamed for the more than half-empty Coliseum as the Trojans get bludgeoned week after week….SC is a disaster, and it’s not going to get better anytime soon…BUT, they do have a LOT of wide receivers—a LOT of them…


  5. Kliff Kingsbury is the only coach employed at USC in any sport, that would actually get hired at another institution 😂 But I really hope he resigns, but not because I don’t want him, but because it would be another fool feather, in Lynn Swanns dunce cap 🧢

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  6. We can all talk until we are blue in the face about the “what if” regarding people you want and don’t want for an organization. The problem that SC has is identifying the problem and creating a pragmatic plan to rectify it. The identifacation of the problem regarding the football program at SC rests with Swann. Since he didn’t fire Helton and hire someone like Kingsbury to come in with a new program as “Head Coach”, the situation is a “clusterfu..k”. And now, there is some potential smoke on the water due to Swann not knowing how to exercise leadership with his subordinates and Kingsbury might just “jump ship”. Swann was a great player at SC and in the pros. Like Haden, his administrative skillsets in academia leave something to be desired. He’s very fortunate that the interim prez for SC is without cajones to tell him to clear out his desk…

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  7. Toxic posts here period. Kliff Kingsbury is not ready to be a NFL head coach. He wants to be a college football head coach anyways. Swann is doing him a favor by making it off limits to interview so he can focus on USC which it is the best place for him and his growth. Helton has to support and allow him to succeed or Helton is gone. He will have an awesome wr crew to work with. There will be head coach spots available next year in the NFL.

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  8. There’ll be a bettter opportunity than employment with James Dolan in the future and KK can only enhance that opportunity at USC. He’ll make more money and get a better job if he showcases what he has on this stage. If he wants to be a pro coach, he should be patient and make sure he’s going to stick when he goes. He was a head coach before and he should take a step back now so that he doesn’t have to take a step back later. Take some of the pressure off, help these very talented kids, continue to learn and have a blast for a year or two. What kind of masterpiece could you paint with this palette? Re-establish yourself as a master and better than James Dolan will come calling. I’m sure USC would wish you well at that point. It’s a mutually beneficial situation right now. Beyond that, who knows what can grow from the seed you plant in the Southern California sunshine? Come on firebug, spark it.

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  9. Yo Pud say:

    “Swallow Hal? Dufus. How many more ruins sign this week? Find an OC yet? I know chippy promoted the oline coach, I was just worried about next year. Hahaha

    BTW, you had a sell out for that stanfurd game huh? Wow, maybe daddy Ball will help the little gutties out!”

    Yo Pud, UCLA isn’t Andyain’twinning’s bozos, losers to Tixas Tech by 35 points, in front of 137 SUXXC fans at Staples Ctr.

    BTW Pud, you should consult a proctologist, maybe they can help you pull your head out.


  10. IF IF IF? wolfie sucker punched to get comments…there is no evidence for his presumption. Nothing stops the agent from listening to whomever he wishes.
    If KK wanted to leave for more money and HC job elsewhere he would have jumped at Houston job,like W Virginia HC did.
    All known evidence is he took the SC job,and pursued it ’cause he wanted it…period.
    Anything else is speculation,fun for some, not so much for others.
    Wait and see what happens…that is your only sane option.


  11. The football scoop is reporting Kingsbury might resign from USC so he can interview for NFL jobs, that he may have decided on USC too hastily and isnt too happy with USC constraining him . Even if he stays cant imagine him being here more than a year. Not sure Puds agrees with me though


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