Sunday Buzz: Who Will Blink First With Kliff Kingsbury Saga?

Would Kliff Kingsbury really use the nuclear option and resign from USC?

Maybe if only he feels Lynn Swann forced him to.

But here’s something I heard from a USC coach: Kingsbury has already sized up the rest of the coaching staff and knows he carries their own weight. So he figured out the circus-like pieces of the coaching staff. Is that a huge development? No.

But maybe he resents Swann’s power play and now sees first-hand some of the USC’s coaches (including Clay Helton) might not be up to the task. Could all that edge him toward the NFL?

We will see.

P.S. You know who cannot complain if Kingsbury leaves? Helton.

He left Arkansas State after around 50 days to become an assistant coach at USC.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Who Will Blink First With Kliff Kingsbury Saga?

  1. Lynn Swann already put a wedge between he and Kliff Kingsbury with that unnecessary power play, so if I were Kingsbury, I’d leave . He already has a solid offer from the Rams as an assistant coach, so why stick around the dysfunction of the USC athletic administration? SC needs Kingsbury more then he needs them, because the whole program is in disarray under Helton .

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  2. If this true which I don’t think it is this would really is a bad reflection on Kliff Kingsbury actually to be entertaining leaving already when USC gave him a job when he needed one and he had reviewed his options from other college and NFL teams and he has been sought after from the beginning. So good riddance. We would have to assume he has been BS’ing the players and fellow coaches


  3. If wrong, I will stand corrected. No where in the history of collegiate football annals at SC has there ever been as much dysfunction in so many areas. There was a time, back in the day, when the football program at SC was well-respected by the student body, alumni, the community, as well as, the coaches throughout the nation. Now, the football program, and the institution as a whole and overall, are being talked about in some circles in less than a favorable light. The permanent president who is selected by the Trustees presumably in 2019 will be expected to bring SC back to a respectable and reputable disposition. That individual will no doubt have challenges that may very well be too incredibly overwhelming to rectify. And, if that person can’t turn it around soon, the institution will not have any athletic prospects and/or young scholars wanting to submit an application to pursue higher education in the near and/or distant future. SC loses on all fronts, including financially. As a concerned alumni of SC, I will continue to put the institution I have always had a tremendous of love and respect for, in prayer. Lord hear my prayer and send one of your stronger angels to help us out as inept mortals…

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  4. USC is a mess from the vacant President’s office currently being occupied by a female minority place holder to the USELESS BOT and the incompetent AD as well as most of the athletic coaches currently employed.


  5. I know you are close to “Who Cares” Tim, but stay active with the Blog because your insight on the issues is important😎


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