If Kliff Kingsbury Left, Would Everyone Be Sad?

You know who might be happy if Kliff Kingsbury leaves? JT Daniels.

Why? Because if Kingsbury leaves it means Clay Helton might get to decide who starts at quarterback and everyone knows he does not want anyone but Daniels to be the quarterback.

If Kingsbury stays, he does not owe anyone anything and will choose the quarterback he thinks is best. That gives Jack Sears a chance.

Helton gives Sears no chance. Just like Helton gave no backup centers a chance last season. What a failing of a head coach to never see if someone else can do a better job than his favorites.


15 thoughts on “If Kliff Kingsbury Left, Would Everyone Be Sad?

  1. When KK responds to all of this then we will know something. Whats to say Swann hires a different OC and keeps Helton out of the offense. That was Swann’s big cure for turning the team around.

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  2. May be another reason TT told KK to take a hike…he is fickle? Doesn’t keep his word. We will find out soon enough,I hope this is the usual media ‘fake news’ and he is a real TEXAN, not a fake one.

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    1. According to sources, Tua was committed to Sarkisian and southern cal but when southern cal fired Sark who has a medical disease of alcoholism, Tua’s family saw the heartlessness of southern cal and committed to non other than Lane Kiffin and Alabama!

      southern cal that is what you get for firing Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian! Two top 10 coaches in the history of southern cal!

      You heartless bastards! Chickens have come home to roost! Now you are reaping the fruit of your selfish ways!

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      1. Teddie you stupid slut…oh that reminds me, how’s your mom? She ever get her purse back she left at the sae house?


  3. What was Pete Carroll’s mantra while at USC?

    “Always Compete!”

    Competition above all else. How can Helton not see that?


    1. “Always Compete”….yeah, right. Kind of like Barkley’s “The Outlier”‘s anointment as the starter with the farce of “open competition” for the QB position, which was pretty similar to JT Daniels’. Pete played favorites, as well. Not putting Sanchez in against Stanford in 2007 most likely cost SC the chance at the National Championship Game if it defeated 41-point underdog Stanford that year at the Coliseum.


  4. JT Daniels is John David Booty Jr. , nothing outstanding about him at all, he’s just an average guy, who started early in his career.


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