Kliff Kingsbury Gets Permission To Interview With NFL Teams

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports Kliff Kingsbury is interviewing with NFL teams. Glazer said this “likely mean he has resigned as USC offensive coordinator.”

There has been no confirmation of this yet. Adam Schefter also reported Kingsbury would start interviewing but did not address if he is still with USC.

Stay tuned as the circus continues.

UPDATED: Initial reaction from USC is Kingsbury has not resigned.

UPDATED II: Kingsbury is currently interviewing with the Jets about the head-coaching vacancy.

UPDATED III: Sources indicate USC (and Lynn Swann) backed down. What a waste of time and now Kingsbury is probably upset over the situation.

UPDATED IV: Here’s the typically ridiculous response from a USC spokesperson with whether Kingsbury is still employed at USC: “He’s still listed on our website’s athletic dept. staff directory.”


22 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Gets Permission To Interview With NFL Teams

  1. Circuses are amusing…this is not…this is a disaster…only thing left to do no is to sit back and observe Helton and Swann’s reaction to this…and if it will finally trigger someone in authority to act…perhaps if it causes a stampede of recruits to flee…but probably haven’t touched bottom yet…

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      1. I really wouldn’t worry too much about the ‘Head Coach Meyer problem’, Jonny….

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    1. Why is Helton so quiet? USC Health Officials have granted him paid leave until he works out some “personal problems” —-apparently, Clay can’t stop complaining to Swann about “Oscar Wilde not receiving a fair trial—-and what was it he did that was SO wrong?” As for the football team, several players told the L. A. Times how much they appreciate being kept in the dark as to who’s their O.C. in 2019 —-and also mentioned being reassured by the fact they are entirely unable to contact Kingsbury (due to his being the only high level coach without an email address or phone # listed in the Staff Directory he’s supposed to be “on”).

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  2. Who cares what USC is reporting right? You are inside USC and you get the latest from unnamed coaches, NFL scouts, and many more unnamed people in various capacities. In Scotty we trust.


    1. Not permitted! This is a crash landing in progress – best keep on your feet so you don’t get caught in the blast radius! LA area college football next season going to make the grass in Kansas look greener…at least the pro teams are good!


  3. I guess Lynn Swann thought Kliff Kingsbury was a whimpy little chump like Clay Helton.. lol 😂. Swann has lots to learn about being an athletic director, because he always seems to come across like the clueless fool that Helton is .

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  4. Not impressed with Kingsbury’s handling of this and beginning to see reason why he got fired. No indication when he was hired that he wanted to head to the NFL this soon. Hurting all the kids who started to believe in Ryan Gosling look alike.


  5. My gut is still telling me this is for NFL interviewing experience. What has Kliff proven at his first head coaching job? That he wasn’t a proven winner at the college level. Who says he can pull it off at his first NFL stint? And as a head coach? My hope is that USC and Kliff talked things over and that he said he’s in at USC but testing the waters just to test. And even if that is the case, he’s most likely one and done should he help turn things around at USC. But who knows at USC these days…I’m just dizzy from all the spiraling.


  6. Does anyone remember a USC assistant running up north to lend support to his buddy who was interviewed for the open Raiders position? NFL owners are a collection of football asshats. They don’t know what they’re doing. That’s how Kiffin got hired as head coach of the Raiders.
    I see Kingsburry as the next Kiffin not the next McVay. From published reports of his treatment of 5 star quarterbacks to the way he’s handling this situation, I really don’t think he’s even a bandaid for the Trojans. Let him leave hire someone with character and football smarts. We already have a 5&7 coach do we really need two?


    1. I agree. We just needed to take the offense away from Tee & Clay. We can get a really good offense coordinator. This is guy is starting to wear thin with all the interest in him.


  7. This is just one large circle jerk. These fuqsters in the Athletic Department, starting at the top with Swannie, just don’t know what the hell they are doing.

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  8. For those poor southern cal players who can’t reach Kliff Kingsbury because of no contact information on the staff pages.
    Here is his phone number (213) 748-4141. It is the number to the switch board at the Radisson he has been staying at. Ask for room #670.

    According to some sources Kingsbury may have checked out…. good luck!


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