Clay Helton Has To Be Happy

If Kliff Kingsbury left USC, who else is out there that would have the juice to get full control of the offense?

For that reason alone, Clay Helton has to be happy.

  • He might still get to call plays
  • He gets to start JT Daniels
  • There is no one on staff who might take his job

He has to hope Kingsbury gets another job.


18 thoughts on “Clay Helton Has To Be Happy

  1. It may be that losing KK removes Heltons saving grace. Without KK the USC offense will squander another season for Daniels going 3-9 to wind up in the basement. Fans and alumni would burn Heritage Hall down if they didn’t fire Helton then.

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    1. Yes, it is striking…but as USC fans we must remember (because it’s what will keep our expectations where they should be) that this is only because of our recent poor coaching/development…there are still more good former USC linemen in the NFL still than from any schools including Alabama or Ohio State (eg Tyron Smith, Jurrell Casey, Everson Griffen, Leonard Williams, and Antuan Woods)…and historically this has always been the case…


  2. Steve Sarkisian is currently available.

    I despise Sark. But HH was stupid enough to hire him as HC the first time. I wouldn’t put it past the administrators to reach out to him and make another stupid Sark hire again if Kingsbury leaves.

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    1. Noon January 8th, Telephone conversation between 2 giants—-
      Swann: Hi Steve —interested in coming back?
      Sark: ysseth…
      Swann: Steve, you okay?
      Sark: yehrzth……
      Swan: Okay —it’s settled: You’re hired!


  3. Hear the new PR firm the PAC 12 just hired us recommending they drop “conference of Champions”. Nobody cares if you win them in Tennis and Water Polo. They need to be in Football and Basketball


  4. Please Mr. Helton, I’m sick of your stupid comments an no sense … please be critical of yourself, and start to watch football !! The USC football program is going to hell … please do something !!!


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