A True Freshman QB Can Live Up To Hype

It’s amazing watch a true freshman QB actually perform. And without all kinds of excuses. Trevor Lawrence was the No. 1-ranked QB in the nation last year but he didn’t play at Mater Dei so he didn’t get to be the Gatorade National Player of the Year.


17 thoughts on “A True Freshman QB Can Live Up To Hype

      1. Very droll Commie Lush, you are the last SUCCXster on this blog that should whine about humility. On a 0 – 10 humility scale Commie Lush, you rate a negative 16.


  1. The collegiate football model is clearly “Clemson”. The strength of balance on both sides of the ball, as well as, the strong communication and respect between players and coaches was quite apparent at the championship game. Moreover, while playing with intensity, the players on the Clemson squad still had fun competing. If Swann and his coaches watched the game, they should now consider going back east to visit
    with Clemson’s AD and his Head Coach Dabo Swinney and get some insight relative to their winning philosophy, formula, and approach to developing a championship culture. There’s no shame in touching base with a proven winner of 15-0 and a NCAA championship. Not doing anything to help the SC football program improve will, more than likely, keep the program waddling around the bottom of the barrel in the PAC-12 Conference, as well as, being a contender for the national title.


    1. Scott,
      Why don’t you just post thoughts like this instead of the trolling nonsense. People might take you a little more serious.


  2. Lots of 3 stars at Clemson including 2 OL, Travis Etienne, and their starting SS who switched over from WR. Plus, Clemson has taken a number of 2 Star players in their recruiting classes.
    Star ratings aren’t everything


    1. But when a team recto Muir’s multiple 4 and 5 star players who amount to nothing, that’s on the coach.

      A good coach has a few 4 and 5 stars that pan out, a few that don’t, a few that transfer. Helton has had a few, none have amounted to anything. 2 and 3 stars also amount to nothing. So you are right, stars don’t mean everything, but when a coach can’t get the best from any of the the 5, 4, 3, or 2 stars they are recruiting, something is wrong with the coaching.

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    2. So, are you saying that coaches at Clemson actually develop and coach players? What a concept. Unfortunately, with the worst coaching staff in the Pac 12 or any other big five conference most likely, that probably won’t happen until Clay and his clowns are dismissed.

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  3. After Clemson dismantled Bama, Dabo explained why Lawrence replaces KBryant. He said competition is one of the principle tenets of Clemson football, and as much as they admired Bryant, Lawrence was the better QB. He added that not playing Lawrence would have been unfair to the team, coaches, university, and fans. Compare this comment with CH’s love fest with Toa. God help the Trojans.

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  4. This is why I laugh at USC fan boys, because most of them make stupid excuses for the short comings of their weak coaching staff. I can’t count how many time I’ve heard the freshmen excuse about JT Daniels, as oppse to just admitting he’s just an average quarterback, who was overly hyped by the media, which he was . The eyes don’t lie, people do .

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  5. JT Daniels is bad, he can’t throw, he can’t read defenses, he is immature, he is short, he is a joke, he is not the solution at the QB position at USC. Get rid of him, send it to Arena Football or Pewee Football …


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