Kliff Kingsbury To Arizona?

USC superfan Colin Cowherd says he believes the Arizona Cardinals will hire Kliff Kingsbury and naturally everyone is running with it. He also said a lot of wrong things about the last USC coaching search like when he said the Trojans would hire a big-name coach who agreed to an $8 million a year contract. Then USC hired Clay Helton.

It would be nice if something a little more substantial emerged but until it does this will be the strongest story for fans to talk about.

Below is Cowherd saying USC would make the College Football Playoff in 2017.



20 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury To Arizona?

  1. Everybody is reporting that it’s a done deal with Cardinals and it will be announced. On Tuesday. You just don’t have any real sources


  2. This is the comedy you’re expected to encounter when you don’t get rid of the head coach you were supposed to. Wouldn’t SC be in a far better shape had Kingsbury replaced Helton as the head coach? Swann will definitely look like he’s brought all of this mess on himself and the program if Kingsbury got away even before he fully set up his table in his office.

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  3. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that when an organization is confronted with a problem/issue, it must first be identified and addressed and then a solution to remedy the problem/issue must be pusued aggressively before the overall organization is negatively impacted. Clearly, Swann dropped the ball when he didn’t recognize that the problem with the SC football program was HELTON. He continued to exercise poor administrative judgement by not asking him to clear out his desk. Had he done that after SC put their tail between their legs with a loss against a cross-town rival that had a record of 2-9 conference record and moved abruptly to offer Kingsbury the head coaching job, the situation would not be the “clusterfu…k” it currently is. Moreover, there would never be this guessing game relative to what team Kingsbury is going to sigh with. So now Swann needs to go back to Administration 101 and learn how to do it right. If Swann continues to do it wrong as we move closer to spring training, then we may as well give up on having good expectations going into the fall season beginning in September.

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  4. Colin Cowherd us a smart guy with analytical skillsets. When he projected SC would be playing for a national championship in 2017, I suspect he thought Sam Darnold would take them to the “promised land”. Of course, that never transpired. If Cowherd watched the systematic dismantling of Bama by Clemson in the 2019 championship game, then he would know that to convincingly beat a powerhouse like Bama, you will need to have all your ducks in one row in terms of having balance, strength, and depth on both sides of the ball. The big question now for SC is how long will it take to put together a complete and solid team ( like the ones John Robinson and Pete Carroll did) to compete for that prestigious trophy that reflects you are “the best” in NCAA football? I will leave on that note and let Mr. Cowherd chime in on my contribution to this blog. Thank you Scot for giving me the opportunity to include Mr. Cowherd in my comment.


  5. Being nearly an expert at watching coaching clusterf’s at my beloved Cal…I will say this.

    The sooner you send KK down the road..the better off USC will be. He & his agent are playing USC. Waive bye-bye now. You will heal sooner.
    Swannie was played.


  6. Did anyone really think Kliff Kingsbury was going to allow himself to play second fiddle to incompetent second rate coach Clay Helton? Come on now.


  7. When I first heard that Klingsbury wanted to come to USC, I thought he and USC were going to honor their agreement. Boy, was I a Maroon.


    1. Pasadena…. don’t insult maroon!!! You are a moron!!

      Get ready for Sarkisian 2!! He is already working on his speech for salute to troy!



  8. KK is a million dollar mistake. Just make him head towel boy & admit the mistake. KK is the employee not the boss. If it were me I’d teach him a lesson he wouldn’t ever forget. His agent was working against USC from the start. Sonny Ykes did it to Cal for two seasons.

    If you keep him, he will ruin the next two freshmen classes. If he is not happy-throw him to the wolves. He only used USC as a stop gap contract to guarantee income. I doubt the guy has two nickels in the bank if all of what I read has any truth to it. My interpretation of this situation so far is: he was not gifted with the integrity gene & he’s broke.

    If all these rumors are true, he will just sow discord. Has the guy made any statements with regard to how happy he is to be at SC?


  9. Cowherds source about SC is usually his butt boy Sark …remember “ the USC and Sark are rolling” 24 hours before Sarky lost to a bad Huskie team and then had his mental breakdown. Cowie never hesitated to pump up his loser boy friend Sarky before reality set in and the clown gets canned.


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