USC Morning Buzz: Getting To Root Of Problem

Here is my appearance on the Petros and Money Show, where I address why USC finds itself in its current mess. The interview starts at the 25-minute mark.

Click here to listen.


13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Getting To Root Of Problem

  1. The seeds of this mess were planted by Haden. And the ugly flowers were blossomed by the three head coaching trainees. The current gardener that’s nourishing the ugly plant, which is SC football, is Swann.

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    1. The seeds were planted by Max Nikias was named President. Fundraising would rule everything and every decision. It injected an already an arrogant and insular culture to the point of toxicity.

      It is going to take years for USC to recover, if they ever do.

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      1. I mentioned once on here that Larry Smith (think of the first three successful seasons) replied to a question about what he had done to turn the program around by saying that he had to ‘get people to understand that walking around holding two fingers up and saying “fight on”‘ isn’t how you achieve success’…so many of USC fans (and I was one until fairly recently) don’t get that what made USC what it was (selling the NFL) isn’t so easily done anymore – just being in the middle of the best talent pool in the west coast media capitol won’t do it anymore…players know the path to the NFL need not include a stop at USC anymore…selling the NFL means convincing the top talent that their best chance at maximizing their ability to attain a lucrative career in the NFL is at school X…because school X has coach Y (and staff sub-Y) and runs system Z…USC stopped being this the moment it became clear that Kiff was not PC…if USC is ever going to even approach, let alone regain, its prior stature, it will require a top down overhaul…


  2. After watching the championship game last night, I realized how pathetic Clay Helton, and USC football is. Keep in mind that Helton is going into his forth season, but his progress has gone backwards. His emphasis has been on skilled position players year after year, while he ignores the massive players up front that make everything work. Oregon, and Arizona State have new coaches , and they have clearly surpassed Helton after only one season.

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    1. After Clemson dismantled Bama, Dabo explained why Lawrence replaced KBryant. He said competition is one of the principle tenets of Clemson football, and as much as they admired Bryant, Lawrence was the better QB. He added that not playing Lawrence would have been unfair to the team, coaches, university, and fans. Compare this comment with CH’s love fest with Toa. God help the Trojans.

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  3. For those of you who hate Wolf or anything negative stated on this site by fans…suggest at least listening to the setup discussion between Petros and Money prior to Wolf’s segment (starting around the 7:45 mark – listen to all of it)…


  4. I fail to understand the blowback towards Swann? I get that his first mistake was extending a 5 year deal to Helton – totally ridiculous ‘but’ his, or whomever, decision that moved to secure Kingsbury, was the sole smart move by Swann. The real focus ought to be on Kingsbury who had to know there was serious interest brewing towards him even before USC made the offer. The final domino was McVay’s interest in having him on the LAR staff coupled with the 7 head coaches being sacked from the NFL.

    Because of McVay’s success suddenly young coaches are seen as the ‘gold mine’ of success thus the huge rise in interest in Kingsbury.

    McVay is a truly incredibly talented fluke….age has little to do with his success. He’s just a very smart individual and Kroenke was convinced by GM Snead to make the offer that has been incredible for the team.

    It sure looks like Kingsbury will move on based on the mantra – per this sound bite from PMS yesterday – of how unique it is to be 1 of 32 individuals that are head coaches in the NFL. True but how wise is it to enter a program such as the NYJ or AZ w.o. any NFL experience let alone assembling a staff? If Kingsbury does so he will enter a world of such huge expectations combined with historical dysfunction in overall team mgmt..

    No fan of Swann but were it not for his offer the interest by what followed would be nowhere near what has happened per Cliff Kingsbury.

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    1. So true, should we have gone for the lower standard. If he did that would have been the greater issue. The fact he has delivered so many top flight qbs in his college tenure is what drives his popularity. Consider the two teams most interested at this moment just spent a top 10 draft choice for a qb who the Jets and cards fans thought didn’t develop as they should have.
      And did you guys see all the power I formation football last night? Hahaha. Not even on the goal line did they go under center with or without a full back. And was that saban who ran a fake punt into the center of the clemson defense with his kicker as the lead blocker.. Hahahahaha, yes, yes it was.

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    2. Swann got played big time and he’s an idiot for not seeing it coming. Had Swann been smart and done the right thing, which would have been to fire that incompetent fool Clay Helton and hired Kingsbury as head coach, things might have turned out different.

      USC Trojan football is an afterthought on the college football landscape and the univeristy has no problem with that being so, so Trojan fans better get used to it.


  5. Lynn Swann is nothing but a “Yes Man” idiot still doing Max Nikias bidding which is and has been to de-emphasize Trojan football.


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