Next Season’s National Championship Odds

BetOnline gives USC odds of 80/1 to win next year’s national championship.

Frankly, I thought it would be higher. Maybe it will be if Kliff Kingsbury leaves.

Here is the full list:

2020 NCAA Championship – Odds to Win

Clemson                       2/1

Alabama                       5/2

Georgia                        12/1

Michigan                       12/1

Ohio State                    12/1

Oklahoma                     14/1

Florida                          25/1

Nebraska                      25/1

Notre Dame                  25/1

Texas                           25/1

Washington                   25/1

Oregon                         33/1

Auburn                          50/1

LSU                              50/1

Mississippi State           50/1

Wisconsin                     50/1

Iowa                             80/1

Miami FL                       80/1

Penn State                    80/1

Texas A&M                   80/1

USC                             80/1

Utah                             80/1

Virginia Tech                 80/1

Central Florida              250/1


3 thoughts on “Next Season’s National Championship Odds

  1. USC and the Trojan fanbase shouldn’t even be concerning themselves with talk about national championships. It’s obvious the University of Southern California has no aspirations to see it’s once proud football program brought back to relevance let alone prominence.


  2. It should be a big fat ZERO. This year has been a clusterbomb due to Swann’s lacadezecly (sp) concern, the mess with klingsbury, no offense, no defense, and players leaving. This reminds of ugly back in the good ol’ days.


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