Who Could Replace King Kingsbury?

I’ve heard Major Applewhite, the former Houston coach, as a candidate to replace Kliff Kingsbury.

But I wonder if someone as independent as Applewhite would be willing to come to USC and be second fiddle to Clay Helton?

Maybe he would. But it will be another uncomfortable pairing since Helton has no rapport with other coaches, unless they go to Western Kentucky.

UPDATED: If Applewhite goes to Miami, USC could also pursue Mike Sanford Jr., who interviewed last month with Clay Helton but was passed over and ended up with Utah State.


34 thoughts on “Who Could Replace King Kingsbury?

    1. Johnny is spelled Johnny here is America!! You must be one of them commies from eastern europe or one of them hispanic caribbeans! Either way you will never know what it feels to be a Bruin cause UCLA doesn’t let fools who can’t spell Johnny in to school.



      1. How much did Morgan pay Gilbert to destroy that print of ‘the peckerwood’ with his leash on eating out of Ruth Gilbert’s cat box….

        “I have a clear conscience.” Man how cowardly was ‘the peckerwood’? What a gutless louse.


      2. Same old Bucket. Guess what, you are not remotely funny anymore. Who was that football player that graduated from your school who was later declared illiterate? Billy Don somebody…fill in the blanks Ted, Miguelito, Bucket etc.


  1. According to sources, Major Applewhite is reluctant to sign with southern cal because he is holding out for the HC position for the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena football league. Sarkisian on the other hand is chomping at the bits to sign as long as he is designated as HC in waiting!



  2. The last I checked, Major Applewhite is going to be the offensive coordinator for the University of Miami for his close friend, Manny Diaz .


  3. Fire Lynn Swann because if he had the love for his school he wouldn’t be saying “Yes sir” and instead would have made it clear to get the program back to the top and to make this place money he has to be able to make moves without handcuffs. But it looks as if he just goes with the paycheck and worries about his golg clubs.
    Fire Clay.
    Fire Clancy.


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    1. Sammy, remember how happy you were when SUCCX flipped Oluwole Betiku from UCLA. What a coup for Clown U. huh.

      Turns out Sammy, Betiku has transferred – LOL.

      I guess the Clown U cuisine has seriously declined in quality and quantity.


      1. Owns he wasn’t a letdown. Clancy Pendergast and Clay Helton were bad for the kid. He would have played at FSU or Penn State and played well. Pendergast is by far the luckiest DC in college football. It’s sad.

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      2. I already answered this buddy.

        Blame the joke of a DC we have named Clancy Pendergast.

        I bet Betiku would have been on the field at Michigan, FSU, LSU, Bama but USC is where talent goes to die right now.


  4. The Trojan fan has something to say in all of this. he can vote with his pocket book. All of the Trojan fans need to not renew their tickets for this year. You do this for two years and SC will listen. They can’t stand not hearing the cash cow go clink, clink, clink. if the well dries up, then their will be definte change.

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  5. Yo Commie Lush does humility:

    “How much did Morgan pay Gilbert to destroy that print of ‘the peckerwood’ with his leash on eating out of Ruth Gilbert’s cat box….

    “I have a clear conscience.” Man how cowardly was ‘the peckerwood’? What a gutless louse.”

    A SUCCX loser can never wait to rant.


    1. Owns what? A total jerk who is worthless on this site. ucla got no votes in
      the basketball poll this week even after two wins. Wooden was a pussy letting crooked Sam Gilbert rule the roost who should have had those titles vacated.


  6. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who might be an effective and winning head coach. The areas where these prospects are located would be in collegiate football programs like Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and the like in the “top ten” programs in the nation. And in the pros, most adept OC and DC’s are capable of being an HC in college and vice-versa. Obregon, for example, was a DC under Pete Carroll when SC was a force to contend with. I don’t think he would be interested in the HC job at SC simply because he just signed an extension with LSU as HC. Furthermore, Pete Carroll just signed an extension with the Seahawks and doesn’t appear to want to leave his current gig in the Pacific Northwest.
    With respect to the prospects to bring SC back into the heritage and fold of being national contenders, I think Jack Del Rio (former All-American at SC and All-Pro), as well as, a DC with the Denver Broncos when they took the Super Bowl. In addition, he brought the Jacksonville Jaguars into playoff contention as HC. He is my choice to effectively turn it around. I think we should forget about Sarkisian as HC because of his track record since he departed SC was under less than amiable conditions (remember he filed litigation against SC for wrongfully dismissing him). I just wish that SC would have kept Obregon…


  7. The question is and never has been about the OC…it’s about the head coach, and who is responsible for the current one not having long ago been shown the door…a complete overhaul must be done (since USC ‘s preoccupation with money essentially makes it a quasi-corporation, then perhaps we should be talking about a corporate “tiger team” being brought in to clean house and rebuild the athletic program, beginning with the football program)…

    Until this head coach is gone, and the people who have brought us to this point who are above him are also history, I don’t think “who is going to be the new OC?” is worth more than a snowball in HELLton…


  8. F$@! Kingsbury he will be fired in a year. The Cardinals are a mess and Josh Rosen is a joke. USC needs to hire a big name for the OC job because they will be the future head coach in less than a year.


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