Kliff Kingsbury Finalizing Deal With Cardinals

The NFL Network is reporting Kliff Kingsbury is finalizing a deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

Now what? Well, he will probably take running backs coach Mike Jinks with him so USC has two openings.

Kingsbury was a false prophet, given too much importance by USC fans.

How about Clay Helton’s Signing Day quote on Kingsbury: “He said, ‘Coach, if I decide I’m coming to USC, I’m coming to USC.’ ”

Who will Lynn Swann or Helton hire now? Is there anyone who can create the same media/fan buzz?

Helton would be happy to hire another nobody like he usually does. Swann has limited knowledge of who is a good coach.

This is just a never-ending debacle.

UPDATED: Kingsbury is getting a 5-year deal and the Cardinals are going to introduce him Wednesday.


28 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Finalizing Deal With Cardinals

    1. What happens to our receivers? I guess the plan is pretty much the same as last year: keep throwing them under thrown ‘jump balls’.


  1. Kliff’s record as head coach of Texas Tech is 35-40.
    Kliff’s record in the Big 12 was 19-35.
    Kliff couldn’t win with Patrick Mahomes.
    Kliff won’t win with “The Schnoz”
    The Arizona Cardinals are big losers again!

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  2. According to sources, Steve Sarkisian’s agent ended the tenant agreement for steve sarkisian’s house in manhattan beach. Sark is set to move back to manhattan beach this week. In a related news sources are reporting Sarkisian is the front runner for OC position at southern cal!



  3. I’m not sure which one of the bloggers refers to USC as BoZo U. , but I finally agree with him, and I’ve been a Trojan fan for close to 49 years.. What made the buffoon Idiot, Lynn Swann think he was going to stop Somebody from making an upward mobility move ? Kliff Kingsbury’s agent made Swann look like a bigger fool then he already was . I’m going to grab some Popcorn, and wait for the next move at BoZo U, and their comical Athletic Director… 😂😂😂

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  4. I’m not sure which one of the bloggers refers to USC as BoZo U. , but I finally agree with him, and I’ve been a Trojan fan for close to 35 years.. What made the buffoon Idiot, Lynn Swann think he was going to stop Somebody from making an upward mobility move ? Kliff Kingsbury’s agent made Swann look like a bigger fool then he already was . I’m going to grab some Popcorn, and wait for the next move at BoZo U, and their comical Athletic Director… 😂😂😂

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    1. Conversation overheard between Swann and Helton in Heritage Hall Bathroom:
      Swann: I guess we should have given in to Kliff’s demand that he be given full autonomy over the offense.
      Helton: I really thought that video where we rented a room at the Marina Airport Hotel and called it Kliff’s new office would placate him.
      Swann: A lot of know nothings are gonna say we screwed this up by not giving Kliff your job.
      Helton: Yeah —and they’ll all look like fools when Kliff honors that provision in his contract saying he really isn’t leaving because of our incompetence.
      Swann: I can’t wait to see the look on Wolf’s face when he reads that.


    2. Fred-that would be either Rented Mule (JustOwns) or McMiggy (Miguel)…along with Cal75…skirted and irrelevant bears having themselves a blast over this…can’t blame them…can only imagine what John McKay would make of this (especially given Haden, Swann, and his son have their fingerprints all over the crime scene)…


  5. I always agree with Fred Sampson. I went to USC during the Tollner years. Went to grad school at USC during the Larry Smith years, and suffered through the Hackett years along with everyone else. The Gomer era is by far more dysfunctional than any prior regime. The school from top to bottom is a joke. I’m going to grab some popcorn also and laugh along with others because crying isn’t going to help

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    1. Entirely agree…at least under Tollner we had the highs of the 1984 season and he ended up being a not too shabby recruiter, since Smith came in and immediately went to three straight Rose Bowls and came within one really botched day against Lou Holtz (what wouldn’t we give for a coach of his ilk, little leprechaun bastard that he was!) of winning a national championship…this era most closely resembles the Hackett era, in that there has been nothing redeeming other than the play of individuals (not the players fault and they’ve Atlas-like carried the USC world on their shoulders along with this incompetent coach/staff)…

      As you have aptly said – does no good to cry…we’ve been humbled…might as well grab a coke (perhaps with some additive), a bucket of popcorn, and do the one thing we can do, laugh at it, in addition to the most important thing we can do – signal our unwillingness to accept this by not spending a penny on tickets or merchandise until the administration gets the signal…

      A Troycott is in order! That’s copyrighted…just now…


    1. Many ppl up in arms about @KliffKingsbury interviewing for NFL jobs after signing contract w/ USC… so let’s say u have a contract w/ #ArenaFootball & an NFL team comes along & offers you opp to fulfill ur dream, should u not take it if you’re honorable??

      – Kurt Warner –

      Usc football = arena league football


  6. I hope I live long enough to see our Mighty USC Trojans gain prominence and compete again for National Championships . . .

    (If Kliff leaves it doesn’t surprise any of us as . . .
    WE ALL KNEW that once he saw how F’uped the football program is . . .
    especially the coaching staff, he’d find a way to leave ASAP . . .
    it only took him a couple of weeks!)

    One thing is CLEAR . . .
    National Championships will never happen with Helton . . .
    heck, he can’t even wear a baseball cap properly . . .
    he’s the “Gomer Pile” of the NCAA!

    As for Linnie Swan-Dive . . .
    both are “Peter Principled” and should resign . . .
    Please, PLEASE give USC a chance to move forward!

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    1. Chow’s not an NFL head coach. Never has been, never will be. What he is (was), is a highly-successful D-1 college offensive coordinator. That is a FACT. Everything else is immaterial.


  7. Kinkleberries just shows his true colors. The coaching merry go round pops up every season. It’s not as if this is a chance of a lifetime. If he were a man he’d be staying but a goat always shows his colors. Good news though. He doesn’t know half the stuff he said he knows and by this time next year when they find out, nobody will touch his act. When the cardinals come to town the SC crowd should show him what we think of him.

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  8. Obviously SC needs a NEW head coach that wants to be the head coach at SC. BUT one that knows real football, knows who the good asst coaches are to bring success TO THE SC program, similar to Clemson and Bama, when they were good but not dominant, their head coaches changed that. Other schools recently are on that path…SC, not so much…the AD must do something NOW. Like Kiffin and Sark KK is really an OC, and maybe a head coach in the making, who knows. SC is a place for proven HC , not ones in training. There are very experienced coaches with great knowledge of real football, and they know asst coaches they need and can get…that is all the AD has to do…helton crap is ruining the program…swallow the bitter pill, hire a known commodity… EVEN KANSAS FIGURED THAT OUT…CAN SC???

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  9. As a 30+ year Trojan fan, I wasn’t excited about the Kingsbury hire. Sonny Cumbie at TCU, is a far more impressive offensive coordinator/QB coach but do we really need a QB-based offensive coordinator? If it’s a QB coach we’re after, go get Rob Johnson (former Trojan, son of Bob). Look into Adam Gase and Mike McCarthy. Take a shot at Bruce Matthews. At worst Bruce would improve the OL. I agree with the complaints about Helton but he’s developed quite a nice OL for next season, with freshman Rodriguez, possibly being the OT equivalent of Sam Darnold, as he was overlooked due to being a TE that gained 60 pounds and 3 inches of height. The last thing we needed was a coach that was going to turn us into … Washington State-lite or even Texas Tech. We’re USC, Swann, of all people should know and understand that.


    1. helton has developed quite a nice offensive line ? for next yr? they have said that for 3 yrs…then he trots them out to practice in shorts…he develops zero…some how we concur on your other observations, but that helton comment kinda’ obliterates all the rest…or maybe it was a misprint?


    2. The last thing USC needs is picking some ‘relative’ or ‘former assistant’ at USC. What we need is a 180 degree turn – patiently get through this next awful year but get some solid input that isn’t out of Heritage Hall in other words force Swann to stay out of the discussion until a list of quality hires is ready.

      At a minimum Swann should of had another 2 possibilities in hand anticipating just this mess. He didn’t – he’s a useless overpaid sideline goof that used to work for Keith Jackson


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