Is Kliff Kingsbury Dumb Enough To Hire Steve Sarkisian?

This is really rich. There are reports Steve Sarkisian is a candidate to be offensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals.

Is Kingsbury dumber than USC fans thought?

Maybe it would be a harmless hire since King Kliff intends to call plays. But still . . . Sarkisian?

Maybe Kingsbury needs a wing man to hit the Mill Ave. bars in Tempe or hot spots in Scottsdale.

I’m not saying Sarkisian is a bad coach but he is not who you want on your staff if you are trying to prove to people you are more than a Pretty Boy who had a losing record with Patrick Mahomes and ran off Baker Mayfield.



24 thoughts on “Is Kliff Kingsbury Dumb Enough To Hire Steve Sarkisian?

      1. If only, R. T.! [But, realistically, have you ever heard a rumor that ANYONE was interested in hiring Helton for ANYTHING?—-he must be the only college coach who NEVER gets a nibble from ANYBODY]…

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  1. Steve Sarkisian will never run a NFL offense again, it was just a matter of time before he got exposed, some take longer then others, but Sarkisian’s time has come . He’ll always be employed as a figurehead coordinator, or a position coach, because of the good ole boy network, and not to mention, he’s Pete Carroll’s Boy, which is how he got the opportunity in Atlanta.


  2. No no no. He cannot hire Helton. The rest of the PAC wants Helton right where he belongs. Right at 101st & Figueroa.

    Onerous, chimes in…3..2..1..


    1. On no, the Chezzy Bowl Queen sock puppet has popped up again smelling of the stench of feeble, P/Poor defeat.

      Hey, Chezzy Queen, please break down the Cal FB abortion at the Chezzy Bowl for the SW Blog. Start with the 4 – ints and then move onto breaking down the dead bear’s stinking offense that managed 7 points in 4 qtrs + an o/t.

      The Chezzy Bowl Bears have been called the all-time worst bowl team. Wow, something Berkeley weenies can spin their beany propellors for.

      Oh, I can’t resist……UCLA 37 – Stinkin’ Bears 7


      1. 100% Correct, Pudly. ESPN is reporting that during the entire time KK appeared to be futzing around with Swann and Helton, he was actually negotiating a contract with Arizona which allowed him to get rid of all UCLA players (or arrange—-with the help of some of the ‘local talent’— for them to have “accidents” during the off season).

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  3. KK as a NFL coach is beginning to look suspiciously like Helton after he was hired as USC’s head coach. No experience, no measurable success, few quality contacts, and no real difference makers as suitors.

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  4. Tate Martell transferring from OSU today. and damn, sometimes Wolfman is like old woman staring into a crystal ball…

    From the old blog – June 26, 2016
    And it’s better for USC to avoid any future drama that might come with the high-profile Martell, who does not seem like the type that will stick around if he loses a QB derby.

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  5. Hey onerous,
    Cal went to a bowl. Then lost.
    Fucla did not go to a bowl. Did not get in two additional weeks practice. Did not play. Spent Christmas day watching television. Lol.

    USC seems to be having a remarkably decent 2019 recruiting class depite an off year. USC, a team that I have in the past had a lot of respect for because they played tough & smart.
    How’s choc chip doing on the recruiting trail? Asking for a friend.
    But at least whipping Utah. $12 mil buy out & Seven million bones annually & almost dead last in recruiting. So you at least have that going for you pal.
    You know onerous, I spent a bit of time on the field in the first half of the seventies playing LB & lock for the Old Blues(we won the national championship 7/8 years onerous). Not that you could even be a towel boy on the team. You remind me of an idiot that I liked to hit so hard that the fucking snot starting running from his nose. Have a great day.


    1. Whatever you say Chezzy Queen – LOL

      P.S. – CQ, remind me much Cal’s extra 2 weeks of practice helped the team at the Crummy Chezzy Bowl. Did the team just work on throwing on the numbers Int’s?

      I can’t resist Sock Puppet – UCLA 37 – the pathetic, dead bear’s 7


  6. For those thinking that AZ Cardinals is planning to ditch Rosen, you are wrong. I have heard from a reliable bartender that Rosen will be offered the job of mascot. All he needs to do is paint his face red and his nose orange and boom mascot is born.


  7. Yo Pud the stud say:

    “Hey is it true KK plans to sell off rosen for Kyler Murray? Those are the rumors Adam Schefter today… hahahahaha. Talk about one and done!”

    As usual, Pud the stud is right on top of it. Pud is proof ignorance is bliss.

    “Declaring for the draft does not guarantee that Murray, an outfielder whom Oakland selected ninth overall, will decide to reject his $4.66 million deal with the A’s outright, but it certainly increases the chances that Oklahoma’s quarterback will decide to go pro in football rather than baseball.” ~ Susan Slusser, S.F. Chronicle, Staff Writer.

    If in fact K.K. drafts K.M. then the bozo’s are lucky K.K. took a hike. The Cardinal’s don’t need a new QB, they need a team that blocks & tackles.


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