Would Graham Harrell Excite Fans?

In this environment, anybody can get a job. Kliff Kingsbury to the Arizona Cardinals. Zac Taylor, 35, is the Rams QB coach and now the frontrunner to become head coach of the Bengals. He was the Rams assistant wide receivers coach two years ago.

So now the hot name for USC offensive coordinator is Graham Harrell, the former Texas Tech QB who is offensive coordinator at North Texas. He knows Kingsbury so there’s that.

Four years ago, he was the “outside wide receivers coach” at Washington State. Is that enough to generate “Graham” T-shirts? If Harrell gets hired and people are excited, you will know they are really desperate USC fans.

  • I have to say something about Ohio State QB Tate Martell entering the NCAA transfer portal today. I always feared he would end up at USC and be a real distraction.

He went to three high schools. He committed to at least three colleges (Washington, Texas A&M, Ohio State). And I was sure he would transfer from Ohio State at some point. He always seemed like a me-first guy. And USC already has one of those.

That is why I always said Sam Darnold was so unique. He was a team-first guy.


30 thoughts on “Would Graham Harrell Excite Fans?

  1. Harrell really turned the North Texas offense around. They averaged around 37 points a game and about 460 yards of offense per game, and that is a team without 4 or 5 star recruits. I would think he would perform well at SC and in the Pac-12.


    1. I don’t know ’67’ No. TX is 1 yr. removed from the Sunbelt Conference…might be ‘a diamond in the rough’…but then again there are 12 Div 1 football programs in Texas.

      Our problem is Helton – and that insane offer the ‘househand’ Swann gave him…a lazy clueless move on Swann’s part. This entire mess as of 10th January 2018 is 100% due to having Lynn Swann as USC’s Atheltic Director.

      I can’t imagine having to work with this thin-skinned worthless clown Swann – it makes Garrett look like St. Francis of Assisi.

      Best hope we get a two fer a year hence – both Helton and Swann are gone.

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      1. Rusoviet — yes indeed. What worries me more broadly is that the university continues to make enormous mistake after enormous mistake — Swann, Helton, Haden, Sark, the med school, the med school again, Tyndall, keeping Nikias on too long, replacing him with a diversity interim president who – surprise, surprise – has no experience in academic administration, and who is now destroying the business school.

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  2. “If Harrell gets hired and people get excited, you’ll know they’re desperate USC fans.” Sounds about right. Color us all ‘excited’……


  3. Don’t know North Texas and don’t know Graham Harrell but I would rather have a hungry young lion looking to make a name for himself then one of these mediocre retreads.
    Its win win. If he works out could be the discovery of the year and if it doesn’t another nail in the coffin for current leadership.

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    1. My worry is that Harrell won’t have enough power to stop Helton overriding Harrell’s approach with Helton’s do or die balanced attack. That is Helton’s big problem, he can’t adjust to save himself and his team. Each game is different and so is each half of a game. Good opposing coaches adjust if they are getting beat. Beat Helton just seems to plough along with the same approach each game all game long. 2 runs, a long bomb and a punt. The defense is wasted after the first half and then a blow out ensues.


  4. Precious Norm Chow? I guess that means a talented offensive genius , with a proven record is not exciting for the emotional…wisdom is not appreciated in this day and age.
    Norm Chow would have been the first choice of a wise HC. He is in the early 70’s and healthy ,the last I heard.

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    1. Harvey Hyde said that emphatically on the most recent Peristyle Podcast (although I think he is likable and professional, I have little use for the opinions of Ryan Abraham, but Coach Hyde and Dan Weber frequently express many of the same sentiments we do on this site)…

      Now, rant time: why are so many people so ridiculously deluded by this “air raid” obsession?…folks, just look at what Washington does every year to Washington State, and recall that the most consistently strong program in the conference since Pete left is Stanford, which Harbaugh transformed into the heir apparent to USC for Shaw to take over…Alabama and Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State…none run “must pass all the time offenses”…like NFL team (want to know what the Air Raid looks like I the NFL – it isn’t Mahomes with the Chiefs – his coach Andy Reid insists on a multi-faceted attack that will exploit a defense in whatever seems the best way…no, the Air Raid in the NFL is Baltimore with Lamar Jackson…and it gets exposed, just like Peterson says about Wazzou…or what happens to any Big 12 or Pac 12 team that tries to take on the national powers)…

      Any offense that purposefully emphasizes only one phase, to the exclusion of others, can only yield limited results, and usually only against lesser opponents. People who keep saying the NFL is going to the “Air Raid” are at best misinformed. The NFL will extract aspects of something if it enables an offense to put additional pressure on defenses, because the combination of increased defensive athleticism, defensive scheme sophistication, and the fact that the field hasn’t changed dimensions, mean that offenses are under ever increasing pressure to exploit extremely small, perishable windows. NFL offenses, and good college offenses, come prepared to beat the opponent in whatever way is most efficient. They don’t throw to throw. They throw to win.

      Rant over.

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    2. Thats the problem with has beens like you living in the past. Norm Chow has sucked for over a decade. Pretty much since he left USC. His offense is outdated and the game has passed him by. So you are just like your precious Norm Chow. Outdated and irrelevant


      1. Very articulate. Badly flawed in your reasoning. But passionate. That’s a start. At least you didn’t conclude with an infantile “Fight The F*** On!” So there’s hope for you. When you grow up. While doing so, watch Kingsbury complete his head coaching career in two years or less. Just like every other gimmick-peddler. Watch Washington thrash Washington State. Again. Watch Utah and Stanford manhandle most of their opponents. Watch a rerun of the Chargers almost literally holding the Ravens to minus yards passing and three points until taking their foot off the gas in the fourth quarter. Watch Drew Brees and Tom Brady (and with luck Phil Rivers) quarterback professional offenses (for that matter, watch the Rams, who are only right when Gurley is right). Go back and watch what the Chiefs (with Mahomes) did when they were on the verge of losing to Baltimore in their next to last game and struggling against the Ravens’ pressure defense (hint – it wasn’t “air raid” – it was going to power dive football…and succeeding…even though they had had to cut their all-league calibre starting running back earlier in the season).

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  5. How about Mike Holmgren? USC grad, great pedigree with QB’s, offense coordinator for Montana, Youngand Favre, and won a Super Bowl with Green Bay. He would take it a minute but Helton would be out classed by 500%.

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      1. Nice!! And good to have you back!! Misery loves company!! (Would give you thumbs up, but for some reason Scott’s website only recognizes my posts, and not if I try to hit the “like” button.)

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  6. At this point, the re-animated corpse of George Hallas running the T-formation would excite fans. As long as Helton stays far away from the offense.

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  7. SC must first ascertain who out there are the best coaching prospects that will be the best fit and chemistry, and have what it takes to bring a failed football program back into the fold to be a conference winner and national champion contender. After that, the job of pursuing and selling these best prospects to come to SC and turn it around will need to take place with a sense of urgency. Most competitive colleges have their key personnel in place, I.e., HC, OC, DC, Special Teams, Strength and Conditioning, before spring training. Since that isn’t the case at SC, most great prospects for the said positions might balk in terms of signing a contract. I think the major problem for SC right now is that the best coaches out there have commitments and the pool for the other good ones is slowly but surely shrinking. Given that circumstance, SC might end up with a coaching staff that will not only be mediocre, but wil not possess the skill sets to provide the leadership to help develop talented young players in terms of helping the team win games. Needless to say, it will take some long and arduous hours of work to bring some life back to a football program that has never had as many serious problems, as well as, trials and tribulations since it’s inception.


  8. Wolf,
    You keep knocking KK like anyone is listening. He was hired at the NFL level because he makes the offense put the ball in the endzone. He gets a “pass” because the NFL believe he didn’t have the right talent around at Texas Tech. There’s not much left to talk about.

    The issue with KK is OVER.

    Go knock on Lynn Swann’ s door and ask him why he made the decision to hire him when he was known to be a hot NFL name. If anyone is mad at KK for leaving then you are a fool. I seen this all being a potential problem so I’m not all mad for him leaving. Move on.


      1. Is it possible, Trojan67, that Swann was frozen for 50 years like Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies —-and he thinks $150,000 is a lot of money? Is he next going to take the interim president hostage and demand $175,000 in ransom money or he’ll destroy London?
        I’ve been thinking about it —and I don’t think 2019 HAS to be such a bad year for USC. In fact, I think we can easily go undefeated next year provided it’s not too late to substitute new teams for 11 of the 12 teams on our schedule.

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      2. Swann might have told Helton he can call plays before he went to play golf because I dont hear anything going on at USC for an OC when Bama is interviewing potential OC’s.


  9. The Miami Hurricanes just hired Dan Enos (QB coach for Bama) to be their new OC. Their new HC Manny Diaz is currently rebuilding the much beleaguered canes since Mark Richt tendered his resignation subsequent to a turbulent season for the canes. So when are we going to hear about some good news regarding the rebuilding of our decimated football program currently being handled by Fric (Swann) and Frac (Helton) (Lol)…


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