Tate Martell To Miami

Ohio State QB Tate Martell is going to join his Bishop Gorman High teammate, Bubba Bolden, and transfer to Miami.

I have already written how Martell seems high maintenance and I didn’t even mention how the New York Times reported that he purchased twitter followers.

So I will go out on a limb and say that I will not be surprised if Martell transfers one more time before his college career is over.


6 thoughts on “Tate Martell To Miami

  1. If Miami keeps getting all of these talented coaches and players, they might be a force to contend with. I’m sure glad SC won’t be playing them as a non-conference game!


  2. SC played them back in the 60’s when Miami had Ted Hendricks playing. SC hasn’t played Michigan or Georgia in a regular season game for over 5 to 6 decades. it would be nice to see SC play these teams instead of Fresno St or byu.


  3. 5* Qb from , I believe, Bishop Gorman in Vegas was a sought after big fish in a small pond.
    It baffles me why any Qb would want to go north to play college ball where it snows in Oct/Nov.


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