Some Potentially Good Staff News

A source with the Seattle Seahawks tells me Pete Carroll wants to interview USC strength coach Ivan Lewis.

Carroll fired his long-time coach, Chris Carlisle. Lewis worked with Carroll from 2006-08.

Since Clay Helton never will do anything to fix the strength coach, this might be the only way to get it fixed.

Stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “Some Potentially Good Staff News

  1. The bad news is that Pete might ask Ivan why Superstar Daniel Imatorbhebhe never got over a bruised hip. Over the course of 3 years.
    The good news is that —if Pete likes the answer —-we have our new strength guy all lined up: John Baxter.

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      1. Thanks, Pudly. What I never got was Dan Weber watched Daniel work out and said he looked full speed and ready to go throughout most of 2017 and 2018. Same for Kenny Bigelow in 2017. Is it possible we lose players not so much to nagging injury as to over cautious failure to clear?

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      2. Don’t know if you’ve ever suffered from a pulled groin muscle, but this is much the same except with numerous muscles involved. You think you’re better then a sudden step and twist or push and you’ve but it again. Just no way to tell.

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      3. Michael as you know, I’ve not been as anti Reggie as many and even believe in his return to the SC family. But there was a quiet smirk on my face as he was tweeting. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

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      4. I’m with you on both counts, Pudly. I’m not one of the professional Reggie haters AND I read his tweet and thought, “wtf?!”

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    1. You pronounce ‘new’ just like James Franco……which reminds me……


  2. Makes me wonder if we all put too much blame on Ivan. MAYBE he was told by Helton ‘get the players ready for a smash mouth, run sets up the pass scheme’ – which is what helton told USC fans would be their identity when he was hired – only to have Helton undermine those workouts by not following through on that game plan.


  3. The College and Pro games are so different in that in the pro game you are dealing with grown men who are working for a paycheck; they don’t need to be babysat or motivated. Young college men need to be held accountable; there is no threat of them being cut, aren’t always motivated. Pete Carroll is the rare coach who know how to function as both a pro coach and a college one. If he thinks that Ivan Lewis can do the job in Seattle, Lewis will do well as he won’t be expected to hold an 18 year old’s hand. The fact that Lewis didn’t seem to fit at SC, doesn’t automatically mean that he ll be a bad pro coach.

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