An Observation On USC Coaching

I was talking to a former USC coach today about whether the Helton era has the worst coaches in memory?

Here is one way to gauge it:

In the past, even if USC was awful like during the Paul Hackett era, it had well-respected coaches like defensive line coach Ed Orgeron or secondary coach Dennis Thurman who developed players.

During John Robinson’s awful final two years, there was offensive line coach Mike Barry who went to Tennessee after Robinson got fired and also was on Colorado’s national championship coaching staff. In 1996, Robinson had Mike Riley on his coaching staff as offensive coordinator.

Fast forward to 2016-18: Who was/is on those staffs to develop players? No one.

You can argue Tee Martin had success with the wide receivers but all the star receivers I saw showed up ready to go, whether it was Robert Woods, Marqise Lee, JuJu Smith-Schuster, etc.

After that who else?


15 thoughts on “An Observation On USC Coaching

  1. I don’t know the coaching history of all the college football programs, but it would be safe to say that the ones that are good enough to be ranked in the top 25 polls have a dynamic HC and solid team of assistants across the board. The HC’s today know that if they are up there in the rankings, they need to know who to approach to replace the ones that leave for other schools. Keeping an eagle eye out should be ongoing and since you don’t know who will be receptive to an offer, it safe to have several candidates in mind.
    Helton had KK in mind and no one else apparently. Now he is scrambling around like a chicken with his head cut off, trying to fill the OC void. In the interim, the development for the existing players, as well as, the incoming players will not exist. And since that’s the situation right now, it doesn’t look hopeful to even have a 5-7 record for the 2019 season.
    So if Helton and Swann can’t attract top shelve assistants, should a headhunting firm specializing in finding the agents for great coaches be hired? Just thinking out loud and open for suggestions because the shit has already hit the fan in my humble opinion.

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    1. drjess —I really doubt that Helton and Swann are sitting on their thumbs right now. My bet is they’re calling around trying to get some hot name to replace Kliff. The problem most probably is —-no one is calling them back. I’m not trying to be funny here —-Helton is not so suicidal as to be sitting on the sofa watching soaps and eating pizza these days —-he’s gotta be beating the weeds for an O.C 24/7. The fact that, after all this time, there is NOTHING to announce is not a good sign.

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    2. So when he finished in the top 3 and top 15 the two previous seasons he and his staff were superior to this year? Somewhere your logic seems to escape reality and moves stealthily into the world of owns or teddie..

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  2. Not too many coaches on Clay Helton’s coaching staff including himself, would get rehired at another power 5 program. And if you’re going to be a figurehead offensive coordinator, then don’t do it fo an idiot head coach, because your reputation will get tarnished, which is why Tee Martin is still floating in the wind without a defined title.

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    1. You have a point. The previous two head coaches have been employed since leaving USC and although I thought Kiffin at Alabama was charity, he has been a better coach than we have. And some of Kifferz assistants are really starting to prove themselves. So who wants Helton or Clancy Blunderbuss?


      1. Kendal Briles is an excellent offensive coach especially for the type of talent (lots of speed, not lots of linemen), that FAU has available. Kiff losing him was a huge loss and a big part of the giant step backward for FAU. But Kiff is a clown, and really just a WR coach at heart, and excellent at that. I can’t even call him a passing game coordinator, because he tends to make QBs regress but at least he loves the passing game.


  3. The golfer needs to just clean house right now and start over. But being the arrogant AD that he is he will do nothing until he has to throw CH under the bus to try to save his own butt. By then the liberals will have such a firm foothold on the USC administration and BoT that football could get cancelled completely so they can focus on their liberal agenda of indoctrination better. Serious shit going on at USC and it ain’t just football.

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  4. Unfortunately for fans, USC football is like the stock market. Up and down. Most unfortunately, it’s down right now. I am hopeful that new leadership will help the team rebound and become a national power again.


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