USC Morning Buzz: Back To Work?

Lynn Swann is back from Augusta National Golf Club so maybe USC can make some progress in finding an offensive coordinator.

Swann should also take a look at recruiting too. USC is desperate for cornerbacks and just lost its best tailback recruit (Jordan Wilmore).

Meanwhile, it appears no USC players declared for the NFL Draft. Wide receivers Michael Pittman and Tyler Vaughns were two possibilities but I heard Vaughns were especially excited about coming back after Kliff Kingsbury was hired.


22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Back To Work?

  1. Again, I don’t want anymore changes to the coaching staff, because I want Clay Helton to go down with the program that he personally designed, which will be sooner than later with that up coming schedule they have . Let’s just hope Lynn Swann gets the ax first, because he is a horrible evaluator of coaches

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  2. I complimented SW as a man who tells it like he sees it. However, he can’t have it both ways: First he belittles 3 Star recruits- which Wilmore was almost universally considered (who cares). Then, he says they (SC) lost their best tailback commitment in Wilmore all the while Kenan Christon is still committed and a four star prospect. So which one is it? Is he embellishing the facts to make a point? One thing is clear, it is difficult to consider SW a credible source when he flip-flops back and forth and changes his narrative to make a point.


      1. Teddy,

        There is proof that you went to ugly and took their English classes. Composition, wording and spelling are showing what a “Maroon” you and ugly are. You and scooter have the same problem and maybe both of you had the same English teacher.


      1. Owns is a welfare Queen living in a dual wide in Bakersfield. Job? That’s why he likes the Democrats – free cell phone, food stamps etc. Voted for Hillary rotflmao. What a putz…

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      2. Well the whole genital warts thing would indicate that at least I have genitalia, and probably was hanging out with teddies mom… as opposed to you my little eunuch friend… hahahahaha


    1. Wrong Gipp, bozo u haven’t won a natty.

      Clown U nattys were appointed by vote, not achieved in playoff competition. In fact, didn’t Emperor Garrett, w/o NCAA permission, give the bozo’s a natty he felt Clown U deserved? Clown U, what F**K’g joke.

      That’s why the bozo BB program is oooooooooo forever in BB NC’s. ******Clown U always chokes on tournament competition.

      Cupcake on!


      1. Just rent,

        Christmas is over and now it is time to take the gloves off. So that means that when you backed into the 1954 1/2 championship, that from your prespective, it does not count. That was voted. So then you have none. Typical underachievers. Also, proof positive that the Gilbert Slush fund is dried up. U Cockroaches of LA won’t be able to afford another basketball title.


  3. SW — time to start calling out the BOT, and the interim president whom they picked from their own group. The interim prez is too busy firing incredibly good SC administrators to pay attention to those administrators who are not performing.

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    1. If only they were listening. But being the liberal left that they are absolutely nothing matters to them except power and their agenda. Us little people only need to do what we are told or allowed.


  4. Attention Mike Link, don’t be such an asshole, try being the missing link.
    Trump is the biggest jerk to ever be in a government position. It is a shame you are a Trojan follower sure not an alum. Stick to sports on this
    site. Dislike “Owns” completely when it comes to ugly athletics, but politics is another story.


  5. Jordan Wilmore, definitely wasn’t our best running back recruit. Our best one signed. Kenan Christon. In case you weren’t aware, they pulled his Scholly.


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