Tee Martin Returning To Tennessee

Former USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin has been hired in an unspecified role at Tennessee, according to ESPN.

Tennessee already hired a new offensive coordinator (Jim Chaney) last week and currently does not have an opening on its staff, so someone is expected to leave.

Martin had his shortcomings at USC but the big takeaway will always be how Clay Helton used to let Martin take all the blame for playcalling even though Helton (and his brother) also called plays.

Martin never complained in public about it. But behind the scenes he would talk about his unhappiness with Clay Helton. Maybe when he gets to Tennessee he will finally tell the truth.


13 thoughts on “Tee Martin Returning To Tennessee

  1. Got no hard feelings on this guy whatsoever. I’m sure he’s done his best during his stint at SC, and everything that went wrong with the program in 2018 is on Helton and the dunces who hired him and extended his contract way too prematurely and without any deep deliberation. I wish him the best whatever he undertakes in Tenessee.

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    1. Like Real Trojan, I wish Martin success with the Tennesse program. With that very proficient OC Chaney from the impressive Georgia Bulldog squad providing the tutelage and leadership, Martin will, no doubt, be all that he can be and garner the respect and recognition he is deserving of (unlike what he received at SC under Helton).

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  2. Truth being told always sounds like sour grapes when it comes from the lesser party. However as a fan I would say neither of the two “offensive” brains in last year’s staff knew more than 3 plays.
    1. Run for your life the line collapsed
    2. Chase the bad snap
    3. Throw the ball at someone
    You can blame Helton if you like, but our soon to be undrafted center was the architect of many unscripted plays.

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  3. Tee Martin should have stuck to what he does best, and that’s recruiting, and coaching receivers. He fell victim to Clay Helton’s figurehead coordinator games because Helton was one himself, so now Martin’s reputation is slightly tarnished.

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  4. After all of all of this, I wish Martin the best. Hopefully he can learn how to call a game. We will never know if it was Martin that was inexperienced at play calling or just following orders, but plays were not set up.


  5. A good example of how incompetent leadership can damage careers. CH promoted TM into a position he was unprepared for—aka the Peter principle. With no experience and little support, Tee failed. Problem is the entire CFB world knows he failed, which minimizes his value in the market, so he ends up being less (professionally) than he was before the promotion. The same is true of Haden’s hiring of CH. When he’s fired, who will hire him? He’s no head coach and not much of a QB coach. He’s light years from being a good OC. Maybe Saban will hire him as an analyst. Seems like that’s the graveyard for fired coaches.

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    1. I mostly agree SC4Life —but, in a way, Tee sorta brought this on himself by lobbying for the O.C. job (which, according to all accounts, he insisted upon as a condition of staying at USC). He didn’t appreciate what a short term strategy that was destined to be.
      Speaking of graveyards, though —–based on last season, it’s really improbable that USC will win ANY away games in 2019. That means we’ll have to win ALL our home games to get to a bowl.

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    2. If Bama is the graveyard for fired coaches, then SC will be known for the funeral home of AD’s that were supposed to be on the “hot seat”, but never got fired and are as good as cremated…


  6. Awesome recruiter who could probably relate real well with the players and this can’t be underestimated. Don’t know if he knew his limitations or if those limitations even existed as he seemed more a figurehead for Clay and never had a chance to become a good play caller. I think it does benefit both parties that they parted ways and wish him nothing but the best.

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    1. Great comment, Arturo —- Tee was the best recruiter USC has had in a long time. [& Tee’s failing was not so much as an O.C. per se —-but in not understanding the politics of the O.C. position at USC under Helton —-a more politically savvy person would have seen ’round the bend].


      1. Always good to hear from you, MG. Your comments are thoughtful, insightful, and full of wisdom. Hope life is treating you well, compadre.

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