Looks Like Mike Jinks Is Staying At USC

The Cardinals are hiring James Saxon of the Pittsburgh Steelers as their new running backs coach according to the NFL Network. That means USC will apparently retain Mike Jinks as its running backs coach.

So Kliff Kingsbury thought Jinks was good enough to coach tailbacks at USC but not the Arizona Cardinals? Another thing to ding Kingsbury on.


12 thoughts on “Looks Like Mike Jinks Is Staying At USC

  1. I would say he was being a gentleman, but he didn’t earn that title. My guess he knew was playing SC and sold us a pig in a poke. Just a little Texas joke.

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    1. Put a poll on Instagram or Snapchat and see what happens. Students from the real USC are too attractive to use twitter and have better things to do than download an app just to make some confederates feel insignificant. The courts already handled that, no one from SC cares anymore.


      1. Hey dumbass, the pole was created by a southern cal website and when the first result didn’t go southern cal’s way they put up another pole and the result was the same!!
        Just spell it out “University of South Central”


      2. Nah ted, the poll was by barstool sports, an east coast company that covers sports nationwide so they have Twitter accounts with regional usernames.

        So you are dumb. And if you still think Twitter is relevant to anyone under 45 it’s probably because you have a face made for tweeting.


    1. Ted: I’ve seen for the crosstown rival “FUCLA”. But, I’ve never seen a logo attached to it. Since someone created one for SC, they should sit down and create one for the chumps across town who always seem to try and deface good old Tommy Trojan on campus…


    1. The new OC will be Head Coach Clay Helton. It is getting very late in the season for getting new coaches. Signing day is Feb. 6. This is a joke, dumpster fire, and a bad case of a incompetence.

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    2. According to sources, Jinks will be promoted to OC and also coach RBs. southern cal was unwilling to put in an open bar at Heritage Hall and Sarkisian turned the job down. When Norm Chow was approached he said “Why would I leave my OC position at Mira Costa High for a lesser job at southern cal?”



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