Jordan Wilmore Decommits

Lawndale tailback Jordan Wilmore, who committed to USC in August, will back off his commitment according to Chris Swanson of

Wilmore is looking at Utah and UCLA, which offered him last week.

I can think of several reasons for Wilmore to back off USC:

  • He doesn’t know who the offensive coordinator will be
  • He doesn’t know for sure if Mike Jinks will remain as running backs coach
  • He knows an Air Raid offense can be less-than-ideal for tailbacks
  • He sees how Clay Helton likes to play tailback-by-committee
  • He doesn’t know how long Helton will be the coach

UPDATED: Wilmore decommitted on twitter to make it official.


6 thoughts on “Jordan Wilmore Decommits

  1. Everything USC sucks right now.



    BASEBALL -It’s a fair assumption to say they’ll be looking for a new Manager at seasons end.


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  2. I’m patiently waiting for the board of trustees to fire Lynn Swann, because he has the authority to set the program back another 5 years. Pat Haden did exactly that on his way out the door, and I don’t want Swann to have the same opportunity to do the same . Theses inexperienced athletic directors are ruining the athletic programs , and nobody seems to care

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  3. Wilmore reminds me of Moody McNeil: short, powerful and compact, with a good burst. Moody was patient and was rewarded with a big year after he waited his turn. Wilmore, might be looking for immediate gratification and could find it at Utah. Vaya con Dios


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  4. Kids do not know how to honor their word. In the old days, when you committed to something, you honored that commitment. Now adays, kids are looking for instant gratification. The rebuttals will be, SC is a dumpster fire right now and the kid can change his mind because SC is screwed up. My thinking is, maybe he can make a difference with this mess and show leadership qualities. yes, he is a 17-18 year old young man, but it is something I hope that he learns as he gets older, that your word is your bond.


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