How Is The Offensive Coordinator Search Going?

The Dallas Cowboys fired offensive coordinator Scott Linehan today. I’m not saying Clay Helton should hire him but he certainly has a more extensive job history (University of Washington offensive coordinator; Rams head coach; Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator; Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator; Cowboys offensive coordinator).

Maybe Helton should call him and just get his opinion and who USC should hire.

  • Fresno State offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer has reportedly left to become offensive coordinator at Indiana. The Bulldogs open the season against USC. Wonder if Jeff Tedford will hire an offensive coordinator before Helton.
  • Here is a totally unsurprising item: Tate Martell, the former Ohio State quarterback who transferred to Miami, will seek a waiver from the NCAA for immediate eligibility. His reason, apparently, is coaching staff changes. Figures.

8 thoughts on “How Is The Offensive Coordinator Search Going?

  1. Who ever takes the USC offensive coordinator job better do their research, because the play on the line of scrimmage will make any coordinator look bad. Clay Helton has done a horrible job with recruiting, and developing lineman during his four years as head coach , that’s why the Trojans get man handled in out of conference games.

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    1. I agree. Unless the OC is supremely confident of himself and his system (Kingsbury), up and coming OC candidates aren’t going to return Gomer’s phone calls. Not only are they going to have to look for another job in a year, working under Clay just going to make them look bad when we get manhandled on the LOS.

      So welcome to our new OC, Timothy David Drevno!


    1. Yes, yes he would & could. Scott could rite both a bout hating and loving something in the same article. Heck, on a good day he’ll do it in the same sentence. And not use spell check when he do it.


      1. Of course logic escapes little owns. The fact On would do something doesn’t mean they could and vice-a-versa. You dolt.

        Sorta like “owns would go to a good school if he could academically qualify” … or perhaps “owns would stop playing with himself if he could”, hahahahaha


  2. The new OC is going to be able to give and take “neck hugs” from Gomer. Most people aren’t into that. That’s why it is so hard to find KK’s replacement


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