Sign Of The Times

The NFL released its official list of early entrants for the draft without a single USC player.

This is the first time since 2003 that no USC underclassmen entered the draft.

Perhaps USC doesn’t have enough good players. Or perhaps USC is not developing players. Or perhaps USC is making poor recruiting decisions.


9 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times

  1. …or “perhaps” USC has underclassman who don’t want to give up a chance to play for the National Championship in 2019…..

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    1. So last year when some went early like Sam and Rasheem, it was because they didn’t like the coaches, weren’t being developed, had no leadership, etc. but when they return it’s still the same reasons?? Only Scott gets away with this stuff, what a putz.

      Boy you take the cake, and eat it too…

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      1. Yeah, vintage Scott, Pudly. I like it even better when he offers (what I think is shrewd) personal analysis but puts it in the mouth of “anonymous sources”. But that’s what makes this site so much fun. I love the way Scott continues to find ways of making something out of nothing—and I’m sticking him until he either (1) captions a Tuesday article with “If it’s Friday, it must be notes day”, or (2) truly goes overboard with the “anonymous quotes” (e.g., “another NFL coach told me Clay tried to kiss him in the bathroom”).


  2. Regarding the last paragraph of your post Scott, I believe that it’s a culmination of everything you mentioned. And, that speaks volumes about the leadership quality SC currently has with the football program. It appears that Swann and/or the BOT are oblivious to the obvious and don’t even care about it. If this continues, we might just see a “rebellion” similar to when Marie Antoinette said back in the day, “Let them eat cake”…

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      1. I realize that MG. They say she may have prevented “decapitation” had she not spent so much time gathering her precious clothes and belongings. I’m not suggesting anything that extreme, but the BOT could prevent their tires from being slashed (just kidding) if they do the right thing lickety split…

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      2. Ha! Funny stuff, drjess —and just the right number of qualifications and provisos and parenthetical “just kiddings” to shield you from personal liability in the event of any future beheadings.

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