Thanks, Enfield!

USC lost to Oregon State in overtime. Oregon State did not have forward Tres Tinkle, who averages 20,5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.3 steals per game.

Bennie Boatwright had a career-high 37 points for the Trojans. At least Kevin Porter returned, scoring five points in 25 minutes.


20 thoughts on “Thanks, Enfield!

      1. Haven’t you figured it out yet, Jackov? sucla will forever be “the other” LA college football team no matter how much we suck at times. Accept it!

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    1. Totally agree… and did you notice how Enfield was trying to call a timeout and Porter totally ignored him as he embarked on his 1-on-3 drive?


    2. Come on 04, go easy on Porter. He wanted to be the game hero and ended up the game goat.

      The only other person I know willing to go 1 against 3 was the Black Adam’s apple and he always blew the layup.


  1. Ball Hog Boatwright takes that last shot from 25 feet out with a few seconds left. When SC brought the ball down they had plenty of time to work the ball inside to Rackhovic or Arron and let them take a shot closer to thee basket, possibly scoring and maybe taking free throws. But Ball Hog wanted to do it on his own. With that attitude, the season is lost.


    1. Rakocevic was lame in the front court. 2 for 11 shooting, and where was he
      on the tying shot under the basket in regulation? Enfield is just a mediocre coach pure and simple. No major victories in his stay at USC out of
      conference. His big asset is free throw shooting and the team went 6 for 13. Boatwright kept them in the game all night.


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