USC Morning Buzz: What Is The Game Plan?

You notice how fast coaching moves seem to take place at other schools?

Michigan loses its offensive coordinator and hires Josh Gattis of Alabama. The next day Jim Harbaugh is interviewing Boston College co-defensive coordinator coach Anthony Campanile for a secondary job.

There seems to be a plan.

Alabama has lost five assistants. But it lost six the year before. No one is worried because Nick Saban knows what he is doing.

But at USC things seem to move at a glacial pace. Names get floated for offensive coordinator but there seems to be no game plan other than hiring Kliff Kingsbury, who wanted to live in Southern California.

Now what is Plan B?

Clay Helton never seems to have a Plan B. Neither does USC these days.


8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Is The Game Plan?

  1. Steve Sarkisian, and Tee Martin are still trying to find employment, which goes to show, not too many USC coaches are highly thought of. When Sarkisian was coaching the Trojans he struggled to put a credibil staff together, which is why he ended up with an offensive line coach like Bob Connelly, who eventually ended up back at the high school level..😂. And Clay Helton is no different, because nobody wants to coach under an idiot, so he’s gonna have to settle for mediocrity

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    1. You’re not telling the WHOLE “Bob Connelly Success Story”, Fred —-Bob Connelly is not only an out of state high school position coach, he also teaches a one unit high school P.E. course.


  2. While writing a comment elsewhere I stumbled across the fact that we have been a decade without a real coaching staff. This goes back to Pete Carroll leaving. This is unbelievable. The only reason it has gone on so long is the luck USC has experienced. Without good coaches the team beat opponents by allowing their stars to do their thing. This has led to lack of discipline the likes of which USC hasn’t experienced in my lifetime. All I can say is wow something needs to be done.


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