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  1. If I said it once, I’ll say it again.. “ JT Daniels is John David Booty Jr.” He was a typical overrated high school quarterback, who left school a year early, and will benefit from the talent around him in college. So if Daniels is lucky enough to get drafted, then he’ll eventually get exposed. Sound familiar?

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  2. No surprise there. I used to say he was Cody Kessler all over, but I need to apologize to Cody. JT Daniels flatlined after his first snap. The emperor has been exposed and it is not a good look.

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  3. J.T. would’ve probably broken into the top 10 Pac 12 QB’s in 2019 (somewhere around 6th)—-if he only had a position coach. Unfortunately, Kliff wasn’t only gonna be O.C. —he was to be QB coach too. After the latest Swann fiasco, no high visibility guy wants either job….. so good luck J.T.

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      1. Agreed. Unless the o-line improves dramatically, a quarterback with J.T.’s skill set (which is considerable but doesn’t include the ability to take off when and if needed) is not gonna make it through 12 games. And I’m not sure Drevno is the guy you rely on for dramatic improvement. Maybe the best we can hope for in 2019 is the possibility of improved d-line play—- relieving some of the scoring pressure on the offense. I like the swagger of the new d-line coach.

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      2. Problem is ‘mustache boy’ had never seen a rush that ‘average’ college D lines bring….he’d been ‘protected’ at Mater Dei and hs: daddy, former coach and So. OC ‘trainer’ had this kid convinced there has never been anyone with his skill set.

        As Mike Tyson said so cogently, and oh how it does apply to ‘Fallout Boy’ “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!”

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      3. Alv —Coach Ellis told R. T., “You’re gonna get hit in the mouth whether you close your eyes and duck or throw the ball, so you might as well just stay in the pocket and throw.”


  4. I’m okay with the limitations…even if only a John David Booty or Cody Kessler, they were each good enough when the supporting cast was coached properly to play well enough…

    But some of the non-performance intangibles (to be polite) are far more concerning…could be wrong, but seemed to exhibit a little too much Jeff George last year (sans laser arm)…

    Really would benefit from a coach who pushes him, and opens up the competition so that the best player earns the starting position…and we all know that ain’t happening unless/until Hugs is jettisoned…

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    1. So true. A great QB coach could get much more outta J.T. —even J.T.’s high school coach said so midway thru 2018! But, under Helton’s tutelage, he’s only gonna get a bunch of ‘neck hugs’ —and promises that “he’ll get MORE snaps in Spring ball than he had in Fall” (meaning, of course, that Sears and Fink will get fewer).

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  5. Give J.T. another season before burying him. He threw many real good passes during the season. He was a highschool senior in 2018 so pretty, pretty good for a 1st yr. in college Div.I. Will see in Spring who emerges as
    the front runner ( passer ). OC is needed to open up the offense taking
    some pressure off of the QB.

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    1. All joking aside—- besides already being plenty good as it is, I’m sure J. T. is working his ass off this very minute to improve his throw, knowledge of the playbook, etc. Just knowing the degree of this kid’s determination, I’m certain we’re all gonna see a WAY improved product on the field in Spring. He might think about dropping 10 pounds, though —-it would help his escapability. Matt Barkley really only had one great year and it was the year he came back light.


    2. P.S.
      If J.T. is gonna grow, he’s gonna mostly have to do it on his own. Despite his loyal protestations, he’s not gonna get much help from the coaching staff. Past is prelude in this area.


    3. J.T. had a typical year for a True Freshman, however, he was held back in 8th grade so he is, in fact, just as old as Amon-Ra and the rest of his Freshmen classmates.

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