Steve Sarkisian Could Choose Alabama Over Arizona Cardinals

ESPN reports Steve Sarkisian is headed back to Alabama and turning down King Kliff’s job offer with the Arizona Cardinals. He is expected to become the Tide’s offensive coordinator.

I can see a few reasons why the cunning Sarkisian would choose Alabama:

  • He will call the plays in Alabama while Kliff Kingsbury calls plays in Arizona.
  • A season or two in Alabama will position him well for a head-coaching position like all the other previous Alabama offensive coordinators including Lane Kiffin. If Sarkisian goes to Arizona, he gets fired with Kingsbury in two seasons and starts looking for another NFL job.

13 thoughts on “Steve Sarkisian Could Choose Alabama Over Arizona Cardinals

  1. Is there any truth to the rumors that the reason we haven’t heard from them is that both Swann and Helton have been secretly fired? Is an announcement forthcoming? Or is this all just internet wishful thinking?

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    1. I’ll be all ears on it, MG, even though I haven’t heard anything remotely close to it. Will we be saved from another season of pure frustration and agony?

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      1. Actually —between you and me, R. T. —- I was just trying to smoke the two little cowards out into the open —-you know, get them to hold a press conference to say they weren’t fired….

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  2. I think your projection is spot on about Sarkisian trying to position himself for an HC gig down the line subsequent to calling the plays as OC for Saban. However, if Sarkisian doesn’t deliver for Saban and give the man who tied the legendary Bear Bryant, then he might get canned and have a rough time being sought after by a program looking for a demonstrated winner. And, my guess is that Saban is looking for “one” more national championship that will enable him to surpass the legend at Bama. And, since he’s progressing in age (67), he’s probably contemplating on passing the paton on to a youngblood in the coaching ranks. When that happens, I would think that Lane Kiffin would be a strong candidate at Bama since he gave Saban a championship ring and appears to be liked there in the south. He just has to keep winning as a HC in Florida to pave the way for that coaching feather in his cap.

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    1. There’s no question that Kiffin isn’t the same guy who was fired on the tarmac by Haden several years ago. He’s a fellow who had to learn his lessons in a hard way, and I would take him over the coaching lightweights like Helton in a heartbeat. But we all know he’s not coming back to SC. After all, he was the first assistant chosen out of the three after Carroll left, and now we know he was the best. Do you think Helton could’ve beat sucla 50-0 under the sanctions? NO WAY!!!

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  3. MG: I applaud your effort to bring the two “cowards” ,as you described them, out into the open and be definitive about their employment status at SC. But you know MG, I think your effort will be to no avail simply because dudes in the category of “coward” are without any “cajones”, and wouldn’t come out even if their spouses as them to…

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  4. Steve Sarkisian gets bashed everywhere he goes for not running the football when he’s suppose to, so how long will it take before Nick Saban embarrasses Sarkisian on the sidelines like he did to Lane Kiffin ?


    1. Actually, it wasn’t Sarkisian that lost that game 2 years ago against Clemson it was AL’s defense. And the beatdown a week ago tomorrow night was due to their (AL) inept offense. I’d say Sabin realizes whatever he thought Sarkisian didn’t have it sure was more than what he (Sabin) replaced him with last week and it was Sarkisian who quit. Now as to Sarkisian NFL skillset well that’s a whole other matter.

      Smart people do make severe changes when they have to in life. I am just not sure Steve Sarkisian will ever be one of those.

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      1. 100% correct, Alv! You can’t blame Sark for letting Clemson go the length of the field in the last 90 seconds to steal the game….


    2. Fred,
      I’m pretty sure Sarkisian is, by now, incapable of being embarrassed.
      As well as Kiffin, St. Pat, Swanny etc. etc, etc.
      I recommend making your interim President A.D. when SoCal finds full time help for that top spot.


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