USC Sunday Buzz

Isn’t it interesting how Nick Saban played in the national title game Monday and already had Steve Sarkisian and Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chip Long in Tuscaloosa over the weekend as he searches for a new offensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, crickets are chirping at USC and Lynn Swann is at Augusta National Golf Club as USC seeks to replace Kliff Kingsbury.

  • Former USC wide receiver Randal Grimes has committed to Minnesota, which he visited this weekend.

19 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. The collegiate teams in desperate need of coaching talent knew who they were going to approach long before the bowl season kicked off. Saban’s assistants were clearly at the top of the short list for numerous schools, especially those like Miami where, like SC, are familiar with kissing the championship trophy. Saban also knew before his assistants got scooped up by other schools that he would have to put in place a coaching contingency plan, else he would be before spring training up shit creek without a paddle. You would think that Helton might want to mimic the present day legends of collegiate coaching. Since Helton made a lame attempt to get someone early (referring to KK), he botched the whole damn thing because of his lack of leadership skills as an adept HC. So now as all of the best coaches are being hired by Saban and others, SC is sucking hind tit in terms of all of the coaches on the squad. I will end with a t-shirt I saw the other day. It had on it: Life is all about ass. You are either busting it, covering it, kissing it, getting some of it, and/or behaving like one. In addition, the trite cliche: There are 3 kinds of people: Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those, who wonder what the fu..k happen.. I will let my fellow trollsters figure out which of the said applies to Swann and Helton. Good day to everyone.

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    1. “ I will let my fellow trollsters figure out which of the said applies to Swann and Helton.”

      Well said, and as I suspected… hahahahaha!

      Wishing the best for Randal.

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      1. Good morning, Pudly (well, it’s morning here in Maui). I like camacho and I’m hoping he meant “fellow posters” —maybe he’ll clear it up in his next post. Anyway, I’d love your take on something. What do you think of the “zero communication” policy the USC Athletic Department put into effect after the Kingsbury fiasco? The best spin I can put on it is they don’t want to say anything until they have good news. The alternative is that there really is no serious Plan B —-and Helton is prepared to go with what he’s got staffing-wise….
        If this were a Mad Men episode, the audience would know the first time the Helton character opened his mouth that Don Draper would wind up firing him.

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      2. They don’t usually talk about coaches until they’re signed. It was the same with KK, no?
        I’ve heard talk of Applewhite (sp) or Harrell as being top contenders but who knows? Can’t believe they would short themselves on coaches, if even only for recruiting purposes. It will be interesting to see the timing of the hires, I’d believe they’ll try to have someone on board before signing day in February.
        SDTrojan was looking to send you best wishes for the Holidays, but you weren’t around at the time…just thought I’d let you know.

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  2. Every good organization should have a depth chart for open positions. Helton should have a pecking order on who he approaches ready at anytime . Good organizations know they will lose people and have to plan for it . By the time Helton hires someone now we will be picking from the C team

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  3. As the last days of recruiting approaches, the recruits who are still not comitted are wondering what type of offense SC will run. If there is no O.C., this affects the decision, most likely a negative decision and won’t go to SC. This is all happening while Swann is playing golf in Georgia. It feels to me that Swann and Helton do not care and that Helton will be the oc for the season.

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  4. You can’t compare what Nick Saban does to an insecure, clueless Bozo like Clay Helton . Nobody in their right mind wants to relocate their families for a temporary job, unless you over pay them like Pat Haden had to do for Steve Sarkisian’s assistants . Opposing Coaches see the talent at USC, and immediately realize Helton’s a clown 🤡

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    1. Yes, Fred —-opposing coaches realize Helton’s, well, not so much a clown, but in WAY over his head. The fascinating thing to me is —Helton doesn’t realize it. Helton actually thinks he’s in the same class as Shaw or Petersen just because he can, armed with 4 and 5 star players, occasionally beat their 3 and 4 star players (and even that probably isn’t gonna happen anymore because the thin Helton luster has completely worn off) . It really hasn’t fully hit him yet (or probably ever) that, when he’s matched up against teams with their own 4 and 5 star players (Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama) he gets his clock cleaned. As a matter of fact, I can tell you exactly what Helton is thinking at this very moment—“Wow! With new line coaches, I’ll beat everybody next year. We’re SO close to the Playoffs!”

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  5. Man what a massacre at Foxboro NE Pats 35 Chargers 7 start of 3rd qtr….anyways I see Mike has circled the 28th Sept. when Heltonska Chevrolet is tossed mind you could be a ‘redux’ of Kiffin getting sacked ie on the tarmac either @ SEATAC or LAX

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    1. Yeah, if this were a movie, about 5 minutes after the Washington game ought to be be where “The End” appears on the screen. I mean it really seems that way, doesn’t it, Alv? I honestly think that Kingsbury had coffee with Helton, talked to him about what needed to be done, heard Helton start babbling about “neck hugs” and “being in love” and thought, “I gotta get my agent to get me outta here—fast!”

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      1. Alv —If Helton really were such a sterling, stand up guy —he’d take a good look in the mirror (and maybe re-watch the second halves of the Cal, UCLA and Notre Dame games), admit this isn’t working and resign. I’m serious —it would be the honorable thing to do and a lot of fans would respect him for it…..


  6. Pudly76: I apologize for using the wrong “adjective” in my post. Like MG said, it should have been “posters”. Because clearly I’m naive and a neophyte when it comes to blogs, I will be more mindful in the future.
    A little cynical humor for you. As I was earning my terminal degree, a fellow student defined the different levels of education. He said the first level is BS (not a Bachelor of Science but “bullshit). The second level MS (not a Master of Science, but more of the same). And finally, a PHD (not a Doctor of Philosophy), but piled higher and deeper. I suspect you might be thinking some of my posts are “piled higher and deeper” hahaha, lol…

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