Here Is A Scary Chart To See How Other Schools Work

Look at what other schools have done since Kliff Kingsbury left USC on Jan. 7:

Date……School….New OC (previous school)

1/9 Tennessee…Jim Chaney (Georgia)                                                                                                                          1/10 Michigan….Josh Gattis (Alabama)
1/10 Michigan St….Brad Salem (promoted)
1/11 Miami…….Dan Enos (Alabama)
1/11 Georgia… James Coley (promoted)
1/11 Utah……Andy Ludwig (Vanderbilt)
1/14 Pitt…… Mark Whipple (UMass HC)
1/15 Boston Coll… Mike Bajakian (NFL)

What’s USC’s plan? To promote Tim Drevno?


26 thoughts on “Here Is A Scary Chart To See How Other Schools Work

  1. Please check out the sad video of our new running backs coach talking about how “excited” he is to be working with Coach Helton. Don’t listen to the words (“I want another Championship”, “I am happy to be here”, etc), focus on the robotic tone of his voice. You can easily imagine someone off camera with a gun to his head.

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    1. MG — good find. And keep in mind this was professionally produced (or, at least people were paid to do it) by the athletic department.

      Speaking of video interviews, If you haven’t checked out the interview after practice with former o-line coach Neil Callaway from the fall, take a look, and tell me if you can find one shred of a reason why he wasn’t fired after the 2018 Cotton Bowl.

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      1. There is good NO reason why wrongway Callaway wasn’t fired after the Cotton Bowl, trojan67 [& no one should ever say “nice guy, Helton” about a head coach who stuck his players with Callaway just cuz he lacked the guts to fire the guy]. Any QB or running back playing behind a Callaway coached line was seriously short changed. Inexcusable negligence on Helton’s part.
        As far as the new video —wow! If ever a guy was saying through his tone and body language “I don’t believe ONE word I’m saying, I’m only in this for the pay check”, it’s our running backs coach.

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    1. Dear Owns,
      I saw Matt Barkley do all the EXACT same stuff in his “Life w/Barkley” video series….

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      1. What NFL team bench is Barfly seating on these days? No doubt Barfly’s shoulder is still a smidge weak?

        Now I’ve heard of the “Life of Riley” and “Life with Father” but the “Life w/Barkley” series doesn’t ring a bell. However, “Losing w/Barkley” swims about in my memory.




      2. Owns —- The hit Matt took in his last UCLA game (courtesy of our tackle, Aundrey whatever his name was, not picking up the blitz), actually DID damage Matt’s arm. He never threw the same after that. (I know he never had a great long ball, but before that sack he used to put a lot of zip on the short stuff). I kinda think with his game smarts he could have had a pretty okay pro career but for that monster hit.
        Note: I’ve been in Maui 4 years and —although I see it on every beachside cafe menu—I still have no fricking idea what Poi is. I’m gonna try it and get back to you.


    2. Ownsy,

      At 5’9….a 5’9 (African-American disrespect) should be faster than 4.99 or lets call it 5 flat. Ucla should get there money back before he puts the ink to paper and he robs the bruins of 4-5 years.


      1. All the 5’9 players in cfb are usually a db or rb. Most of them run faster than 5flat. Buy i blame Helton for our speed. Somehow…..I feel he’s the reason for that haaa!


      2. Hey Sammy, he’ll never eat as much Oluwole Betiku did. And I think it’s fair to say that C. Griffin will play 90% more games then O. B. did.

        P.S. Sammy….Little Petey seems awfully happy with R. Wilson.


      3. Russell Wilson is on his own planet Ownsy and only the second african american qb to ever win a super bowl. The guy is an athlete who could ha e played mlb if he chose.


    1. Barfly has had a huge NFL career.

      Thru 2018 season NFL totals:

      Games – 12

      Games started W/L – (2 – 5)

      Comp % – 59.8

      Total P. Yds. – 2143

      TD’s – 10

      Int’s – 18

      But Barfly is not as big a BUST as “Matty Limpbird.”


  2. If you really think about it, what quality offensive coordinator would uproot his family to join Clueless Clay Helton’s coaching staff? Nobody wants to jump on a sinking ship to tarnish their reputation from being a figurehead coordinator under Helton.


    1. If you REALLY think about it, if a quality O.C. got USC to a conference championship, we wouldn’t be a sinking ship, there’d be no tarnished reputations —and the coaching staff would keep their jobs.


      1. Pudly —if Helton actually gets himself a first rate O.C. and D.C. before the first day of Spring practice, I’ll be the happiest little boy in the world.


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