Todd McNair Granted New Trial

Former USC running backs coach Todd McNair will get a new trial after a judge ruled today that the jury foreman should have been disqualified from the trial because his legal office did some work for the NCAA during an earlier phase of the case.

This is literally the case that will never go away. McNair has been hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the original trial in his defamation case.


14 thoughts on “Todd McNair Granted New Trial

    1. I guess McNair’s attorney forgot to ask “is there anything in your background that would prevent you from being a fair and impartial juror on this case?”


      1. Hey! Easy does it Owns! How can you say that about attorneys who drafted that stiff $150,000 buy out clause for Kingsbury?


      1. The jury voted 9 – 3 to acquit the NCAA of defaming Mr. McNair.

        In reality, had the jury foreman been disqualified and replaced, all things being same, McNair would have still lost 9 – 3 or 8 – 4.

        Since McNair is now employed in the NFL, the plaintiff’s nebulous case seems flagrantly problematic.


  1. I suppose “Rents” has never been on a jury. One persuasive person can swing a lot of votes. A lawyer who has a vested interest in either party, by any definition would taint the jury. Simply put, the NCAA our paragon of fairness- cheated.


  2. That picture of Reggie Bush reminds me how much we’ve glossed over. The other day he was bashing the president for serving fast food.
    Reggie is the twenty first century black socks scandal. I used to give him the benefit of doubt, but after recent revelations I know differently. Instead of reinstating him at the school I hope they give his Jersey number to the restroom attendant for swishing the toilets.


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