Kliff Kingsbury’s Reputation Is Sinking

Kliff Kingsbury might be coronated a genius in the NFL and worshipped for a month by USC fans, but he is not earning that reputation with his early moves in Arizona.

First, Kingsbury interviewed Steve Sarkisian for the offensive coordinator’s job. Now he has interviewed Hue Jackson.

The irony of course is all three were offensive coordinators at USC. Maybe it doesn’t matter who Kingsbury hires because he will actually call plays.

But Jackson’s coming off a toxic situation in Cleveland and why you would want him around for your first job is beyond me. Maybe Kingsbury likes him because they have both been criticized by Baker Mayfield.

Whatever the reason, Kingsbury is really trying to bring in some retreads, which is hardly exciting if you are a Cardinals fan. If this is what he would have done if USC made him head coach, good riddance.


6 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury’s Reputation Is Sinking

    1. I’m surprised people are using Kliff Kingsbury’s lack of recruiting skills at Texas Tech against him as an NFL coach… 😂😂 When Bill Walsh was the head coach at Stanford, he couldn’t recruit players either . Un-knowledge football fans are hilarious, especially when you listen to their logic.


      1. I get that on Walsh’s first stint (1977-78) but come on – after winning 3 Super Bowls followed by a 4 yr. gig with NBC, his name couldn’t draw recruits to stanford? Problem for Walsh was he was trying to do something hadn’t been done before – I don’t know of any former NFL coaches who ever did that well in college ball. Dan Devine, not a Super Bowl contender who wasn’t much with Green Bay, did win a ‘nc’ for the irish in 1977


  1. I have to believe that Cards’ GM Steve Keim saying who can who cannot interview Kingsbury. Both Sark and Hue are retreads, but both have NFL experience and know the defenses throughout the League. Plus Hue is a Rooney Rule interview.


  2. It makes no difference who Kliff Kingsbury’s clipboard holder is, because his offensive coordinator’s duties will be regulated to relaying plays to the players. If Kingsbury surrounds himself with a quality coaching staff, then he’ll find success. Everybody criticized LSU for hiring Ed Orgeron, but those same critics didn’t recognize his leadership skills, and that all he needed was a good coaching staff.

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  3. Haha… This is such a BS article. Scott Wolf probably had a man crush on Kliff, and was rejected.

    WTF? It’s an interview; “an oral examination of an applicant for a job”.

    There, I just did more research than Scott Wolf, and provided greater insight.

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