USC Morning Buzz: Worst A.D. In Nation Chronicles

If you are one of the few to attend USC basketball games, you might notice the Song Girls are no longer at the games.

I’ve heard chatter among alumni that athletic director Lynn Swann banned the song girls from basketball games after being told some joined “Fire Helton” chants at the Notre Dame game.

The Los Angeles Times looked into the matter but did not mention anything about Swann and the “Fire Helton” chants.

Instead, the story mentions a letter from Swann:

“Due to ongoing game management concerns,” the statement read, “time constraints and space issues at the Galen Center, the USC Song Girls will not perform at the remaining men’s and women’s basketball games for the 2018-19 season.

“USC Athletics and the Division of Student Affairs jointly made the decision after trying various options over multiple years to accommodate both the Song Girls and the Trojan Dance Force, which was established in 1994 to support USC basketball, at the arena.”

Space issues? Everyone has fit fine in the Galen Center until Dec. 1, a few days after the Notre Dame game.

How are there time constraints or space issues at women’s basketball games? It’s getting to the point where you cannot believe USC on anything.

What most people don’t realize is former USC coach Bob Boyd got the idea for the song girls and they debuted in 1968. They were such a hit that John McKay let them perform at football games.


So since late November, here is what Swann did:

  • Kept Clay Helton
  • Banned song girls from Galen Center
  • Did not make sweeping coaching staff changes
  • Saw recruiting slide
  • Botched the Kliff Kingsbury hiring/departure
  • Went to Augusta National Golf Club

Is there a worse athletic director in the nation? That’s a serious question.


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Worst A.D. In Nation Chronicles

  1. I am reasonably sure there could be a worse AD. But probably not at a major institution of both academics and athletics in a power conference. He would have been fired by now.

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    1. I enjoyed the bit about “there COULD be a worse A.D.” I wish Swann would adopt those very words when referring to himself in his State of the Athletic Department Message this year…..


  2. Performance reviews are conducted by organizations to ascertain whether or not the employee is performing their job description satisfactorily. Most people with a conscience, and intuned enough about their job performance; as well as, being cognizant about the handwriting on the wall, will step down voluntarily without facing the music of a verbal and/or written termination. In the world of collegiate football in the US, a good recent example would be Mark Richt of the Miami Hurricanes. In academia, SC’s Max Nikias relinquished his presidential disposition when the heat from the multiple problems involving SC became too intense.
    So the question is: Does Swann and Helton know that they are a far cry from being the “Dynamic Duo”? If they would do the right thing like the abovementioned and spare everyone the anxiety and neurosis, then I will voluntarily cease and desist with being overly critical with my posts. To me that would be a reasonable “quid pro quo.”
    Looking in retrospect in Southern California, we witnessed UCLA’s AD terminate his HC on his 55th birthday when the team lost against the crosstown rival that has a bold Trojan in their quad. In addition, we saw in recent years SC’s AD give the HC his walking papers and made him literally “walk home”. In both instances, the job performance wasn’t satisfactory and the actions that took place were warranted.

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    1. drjess—-Best possible spin: Swann and Helton know they are over their heads in their respective positions and are hoping to use 2019 as an opportunity to fix the mess they made &, then, ease out on their own terms. Worst possible spin: Swann and Helton are so mediocre they don’t see how mediocre they are…..

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    2. Man that was a cruel stunt Haden pulled that night forcing Kiffin to get his own transportation from the Imperial LAX terminal in the dead of night. Funny how Haden has never had to publicly answer for what he did to Mayr…why is that? Reminds one of the usual patrician who loves to: give orders, speak publicly to crowds ordered to attend, receive noted potentates oh his or a higher level, photos taken for national and intl’ distribution, membership in all the highest tiered ‘clubs’ and always searched out for a cogent ‘quote’….why does Haden get a pass?

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  3. If you think Lynn Swann is the worst athletic director now, then wait until you see the Trojans football win loss record after the first six games of the season. And if Swann has anything to do with the selection of Clay Helton’s replacement, then SC fans better be concerned, because Pat Haden screwed us on his way out the door by hiring Helton, and Swann can do the same too.

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  4. Fred keeps saying something which really scares me: before he is shown the door, Swann might announce that, say, John Baxter is the new coach. Sure, the process of making Baxter (or any other assistant) the coach would be more complicated than Swann simply making an announcement, but Fred is right: given the present power vacuum, it wouldn’t be that hard for Swann to get the ball rolling on another supernaturally bad decision.

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  5. Consider where Lynn Swann finds himself at 66 years of age….timewise this is the downslope of his legacy – specific to time. The problem for us is this fool realizes every time he makes a move it is apparent he is clueless on what to do and thus he makes another and another.

    He is totally obsessed to try to ‘resurrect’ what few chances are left time wise to counter the other goofball moves he’s made – sideline water boy for Keith Jackson, in his gubernatorial fun for Governor of PA – began ahead of Rendell and then got blown out by double digits a mere 3 mos. later…head of the ‘Boys Club’ and now this.

    The problem for Swann is that, just as with Haden, it is the final act ‘on stage’ that most remember (Haden and Mayr Foundation). This isn’t as reprehensible as what Haden did but this is his last act….ask yourself where else or who else would ever offer Lynn Swann a position like this?

    He knows it and he also is desperate to prove he is capable….he’s screwed and like all weak cowards he’ll block any attempt to graciously leave while simultaneously doing more damage to the university thanks to a rudderless administration and Nikias’ idiocy in letting Haden have any input of his (Haden’s) replacement.

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    1. All too true, Alv [someone needs to tell Swann—-out of love —- that it’s okay for him to leave the stage and watch from the first row]……

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  6. Swann has privately complained that the Song Girl squad is too white and does not reflect the make up of the student body. The dance force is more ethnically representative and Swann is okay with that. He was overheard saying the Yell Leader squad deserved to be eliminated altogether when it appeared in a West Hollywood Pride float in uniform and Lindley Bothwell just about had a heart attack over that one. What’s interesting in all of this controversy is Band Director Art Bartner’s silence – he even selected his own daughter to be on the Song Girl Squad years ago.

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    1. Got no problem on=objecting to any participation in that annual sodomite praising cavorting over in WEHO…as to the rest Bartner’s no spring chicken – he’s approaching 80 years of age.

      Whatta’ ya’ wanta’ bet Swann’s objection to the WEHO participation is what leads to his departure? The left controls everything in” media, education and their usual ‘mob’ rule of the USA and, as all good ‘progressives’ do…eventually the whole world…same mantra that monster in Germany touted in 1933

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  7. It is darn near pointless to go to any regular season college basketball game other than to check out the coeds.
    Someone peed into the AD’s corn flakes. Someone needs to wake up the SC AD.

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